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Bach Ma National Park - Vietnam Vacation Travel


Bach Ma National Park signs its name on Vietnam’s travel map with abundant, untouched beauty. It appears like a dream to those who fall in love with the majestic Mother Nature. Indeed, travelers who step foot on this land will find a real haven for themselves.

Vacationers keen on eco tours, jungle treks, swimming, and nature discovery in general usually add Bach Ma National Park Vietnam to their travel bucket lists. What’s inside this venue that makes it so noteworthy? Let’s learn more about it with Vietnam Vacation Travel through the following travel blog.

Bach Ma National Park - Vietnam Vacation Travel
Do Quyen Waterfall in Bach Ma Mountain – Vietnam Vacation Travel

Bach Ma National Park Location

Address: Phu Loc Town, Thua Thien Hue Province, 40 kilometers from Hue city center

Bach Ma National Park is a primitive forest in Hue (central Vietnam) that nestles aside the large Annamite Range. It spreads to 3 towns and spans horizontally from the Vietnam-Laos border to the East Sea.

Bach Ma National Park map:

With a preferable position at 1500 meters higher than sea level, Bach Ma Mountain receives the blessings of nature. It boasts a magical ecosystem with several highlights, such as the Sea-Watching Tower, Do Quyen Waterfall, Five Lakes System, and more, that travelers shouldn’t miss.

How To Get To Bach Ma National Park?

Common ways to get to Bach Ma National Park among visitors are by motorcycle, by private car, by taxi, or on tour.

If you like adventurous trips, traveling by motorcycle is suitable at affordable prices. You can rent a motorcycle or scooter at local shops for 150,000–200,000 VND/vehicle/day. However, you cannot use a motorcycle inside the national park; just leave it in the parking lot.

Private car transfer to Bach Ma National Park - Vietnam Vacation Travel
Private car transfer to Bach Ma National Park – Vietnam Vacation Travel

Otherwise, you can opt for a more comfortable and safer trip by private car or taxi. Since a taxi trip charges you based on a taximeter, we recommend you book a private car to Bach Ma Hue for a complete service. It will transfer you door-to-door and take you to Bach Ma Peak (19 kilometers from the entrance). Refer to the following options:

Moreover, you can join Bach Ma National Park tours, which take care of everything for you, including door-to-door car transfers, tour guides, and interesting activities. See some suggestions as follows:

Entrance Fee And Opening Hours

Bach Ma National Park entrance fee:

  • For adults: 60,000 VND/person
  • For children and other beneficiaries (students, disabled people, and above-60 people): 20,000 VND/person

Opening time: 24 hours, every day. Yet, you should go in the daylight, 6 AM-5 PM at best, because it gets dark, foggy, and cold once the sunlight disappears.

What Is Special About Bach Ma National Park?

Bach Ma National Park is at a height of 1450 meters above sea level. It’s close to the majestic Annamite Range and only 10 kilometers from the East Sea. Its favorable location gives it distinguished natural features and a great biodiversity.

Apart from its position, its scale is impressive, with 37,500 hectares in total. Additionally, this primitive jungle of Bach Ma is famous for its significant ecosystem. It’s home to over 2000 flora, more than 1500 fauna, and roughly 900 insects.

Rare red-shanked doucs in Bach Ma National Park - Vietnam Vacation Travel
Rare red-shanked doucs in Bach Ma National Park – Vietnam Vacation Travel

Among them, around 90 species are evaluated as rare or endangered, listed in Vietnam’s Red Data Book. Some of them are saolas, red-shanked doucs, tigers, leopards, etc.

Such remarkable statistics show that Bach Ma National Park Hue seems like a Garden of Eden. It welcomes visitors to a heavenly space of invigorating nature, intriguing ecosystems, and incredible sights.

Bach Ma National Park History And Folk Tale

Bach Ma National Park Vietnam was first discovered in 1932 by a French chief engineer named M.Girand. Later, during the French colony, it was developed into a resort for the French officials and Vietnamese aristocrats in Hue.

Back then, there were nearly 140 buildings of villas, markets, restaurants, etc. at this site. Therefore, visitors can suddenly come across old, abandoned villas here and there on this land nowadays.

An ancient villa in Bach Ma National Park - Vietnam Vacation Travel
An ancient villa inside the national park Hue – Vietnam Vacation Travel

More interestingly, during the war against the Americans, this forested place acted as a Vietnamese military stronghold with shelters, meeting rooms, tunnels, and trenches. Later, Bach Ma National Park was officially set up in 1991 with a special preservation mission.

Furthermore, in terms of folklore, there is a word-of-mouth tale among the locals about the origin of its name “Bach Ma.” Once upon a time, Bach Ma Mountain was so exquisite that the fairies loved to ride their horses there to play chess.

While they were focusing on the match, their white horses strayed far away to get fresh grass. As lush plants in the mountain lured the horses, fairies couldn’t find them back. Reluctantly, they returned to heaven and left the white horses to wander until they turned into white clouds enclosing the mountain.

Hence, people started to call it Bach Ma Mountain, which means White Horse Mountain.

Bach Ma National Park Hue - Vietnam Vacation Travel

Things To Do In Bach Ma National Park Vietnam

Admire Panoramic Views From Hai Vong Dai Peak

The most popular thing to do in Bach Ma Mountain Vietnam is to take in a breathtaking panorama at Bach Ma Peak. It is 19 kilometers from the entrance, which you can access by car or on foot.

After passing the mountain-meandering road, you will reach the top of Bach Ma at 1430 meters above sea level. You will find Bach Ma Summit Tower, also known as Hai Vong Dai Peak. It’s a European-style structure erected during the French colony.

Hai Vong Dai Peak Bach Ma - Vietnam Vacation Travel

Apart from the tower itself, visitors will get a visual feast with spectacular bird-eye views. You can wrap in your eyes the comprehensive sight of Hue’s nature: Bach Ma jungles, Lang Co Bay, Hai Van Pass, Truoi Lake, Canh Duong Beach, Lap An Lagoon, Cau Hai Lagoon, etc.

Many visitors have recognized that Hai Vong Dai Peak Bach Ma brought them the most memorable experience.

Panorama from Bach Ma Summit Tower - Vietnam Vacation Travel
Panorama from Bach Ma Summit Tower – Vietnam Vacation Travel

Trek On Five Lakes Trail

After Bach Ma Peak, travelers should make their way to the Five Lakes Trail, which is only 5 kilometers away. It’s a system of five wonderous lakes linked by a 2-kilometer trail. Thus, it offers holidaymakers a soft trekking challenge through the jungle. They can relish the forested landscapes along the way and feel a real immersion in nature.

Each lake among the five possesses a different beauty. Their similarity is that the water is so pure that swimming in these natural pools becomes a must for many. Besides, it’s a good place for lunch breaks and camping.

Five Lakes Trail - Ngu Ho - Vietnam Vacation Travel

Conquer Do Quyen Waterfall

Do Quyen Waterfall Bach Ma, also known as Rhododendron Waterfall, boasts an impressive height of 300 meters, considered the tallest in ASEAN. Its appearance is striking, with silver water flowing down the colossal stone block.

About a kilometer after the Five Lakes Trail, visitors will reach the waterfall’s top, which offers a scenic view. It can serve as a unique background for your check-in photos, picnic, or camping. Around the springtime, you can also see the iconic flower blooming here, the rhododendron.

Do Quyen Waterfall - Vietnam Vacation Travel

Additionally, those who want to see the whole waterfall can hike down 689 steps to its base. It’s a real challenge, but a worthy result is waiting at the end. A more challenging activity is also available on the Do Quyen Waterfall Canyoning Tour.

Visit Truc Lam Bach Ma Zen Monastery

At the Bach Ma Mountain foothills, travelers will find a sacred religious space amidst the dreamy Truoi Lake—Truc Lam Bach Ma Zen Monastery. Staying peacefully in the mountain-lake setting, the monastery shows up as a tranquil haven, with traditional structures, a great Buddha statue, and dreamlike seascapes.

Truc Lam Bach Ma Zen Monastery - Vietnam Vacation Travel

Visitors can choose to visit this monastery before or after discovering Bach Ma National Park. You will need a 15-minute boat ride across Truoi Lake to get to this monastery, which is also an interesting experience.

Waterfall Sliding At Bach Ma Village

Bach Ma Village Hue is a decent option for those who prefer simple day trips or half-day trips. It’s a small park with a Hobbit Village theme, a local restaurant, camping facilities, and especially some cascades for sliding and swimming.

Bach Ma Village Hue - Vietnam Vacation Travel

Visitors to this park will have natural views to watch, pure water to dive in, campsites, and a lovely restaurant to savor some local dishes. It promises a simple but enjoyable play at Bach Ma National Park Hue.

Bach Ma Village entrance fee:

  • Visitors above 1.3 meters: 100,000 VND/person
  • Visitors 0.9–1.3 meters: 60,000 VND/person
  • Visitors under 0.9 meters: free of charge

FAQs About Bach Ma National Park

When Is The Best Time To Visit?

December to June is considered the best time to visit Bach Ma Mountain Vietnam. It’s the dry season in Hue, perfect for outdoor activities like trekking, swimming, etc. On the contrary, it becomes wet and rainy from July to December, which is quite dangerous at times.

Discover Five Lakes Trail during dry season - Vietnam Vacation Travel

If you don’t like too much summer heat, you should go there in the spring (February to April). Moreover, Bach Ma Mountain offers different specialties at different times of the year:

  • Rhododendron season: January to March
  • Bamboo orchid season: April to June
  • Bird and butterfly season: March to October

What Should I Eat?

The Bach Ma National Park area is exclusive for sightseeing, discovery, and research. Therefore, you can only find eateries and other tourism services at the foothills. Thus, you should carry some snacks and drinks to enjoy during your trip to Bach Ma Mountain.

Please note that no littering is allowed in the national park.

As mentioned, you can have a good meal at the national park’s restaurant or at local eateries around the foothills. Also, Bach Ma Village is nice for meals and other entertainment activities. Common dishes on sale here are seafood, cơm tấm (rice and local foods), noodles, etc.

What Should I Bring?

  • Sports footwear and long socks that are suitable for hiking and can cover all your feet to avoid possible injuries by some plants and insects
  • Comfortable and neat clothes
  • Swimwear if you want to swim in the lakes
  • Bottled water and snacks
  • Hats, sunscreen, and light jackets to avoid heat or cold
  • Insect repellents and bug sprays
  • Medical supplies and medicines for common injuries, flu, cold, headache, stomachache, or any health problems that you might have
  • Fully charged smartphones or cameras for taking pictures
  • Sleep bags, blankets, and camp gear if you’re going camping

Bach Ma National Park camping - Vietnam Vacation Travel

Can I Ride A Motorcycle Inside Bach Ma National Park?

No, motorcycles aren’t allowed inside the national park. You can get there by motorcycle, but you have to leave it in the parking lot before entering. Only cars can have permission to get inside.

Good-To-Know Notes

  • Health checking before trekking to Bach Ma Mountain is important, as this place is extensive and requires much effort to discover.
  • There are two ways to get to Bach Ma Peak: trekking or taking a car ride (19 kilometers). Car rentals for tourists are available. You should choose a suitable option for your health condition and preferences.
  • Please follow the regulations of the national park, such as do not litter or damage nature, to maintain its sustainability.
  • Apart from campsites like Five Lakes and Do Quyen Waterfall, you can find accommodations at Do Quyen Hotel, Kim Giao Hotel, Phong Lan Hotel, or other motels at the foothills.


In short, Bach Ma National Park Vietnam has become a venue for nature lovers for a reason. Its biodiversity, rare flora and fauna system, and pristine sights are genuine charms for visitors.

Trekking to Bach Ma Peak, hiking down Do Quyen Waterfall, and swimming in the Five Lakes promise a real treat for vacationers. Indeed, Bach Ma Mountain’s incredible nature can energize any weary soul.

We hope you find our travel guide informative for your holiday plan. Vietnam Vacation Travel wishes you a satisfying trip to Bach Ma Mountain in Hue, Vietnam. Thanks for reading.