Bach Ma Village – Wonderland In Hue

Introduction To Bach Ma Village

Bach Ma Village is an attractive vacation spot that has recently popularity. Surrounding this location are the majestic Bach Ma mountains and forests, and gently running streams, creating a wonderful, fairy-like setting. Bach Ma Village is a perfect blend of a wild natural environment and unique architectural works that are hard to locate elsewhere.

Today, Vietnam Vacation Travel will give readers unique facts about the Bach Ma Village attraction. Please follow the article below to learn more about this tourist site.

Where Is The Bach Ma Village

Bach Ma Village, which covers around 3 hectares, is a popular tourist site in the dreamy land of Hue. This location belongs to Khe Su village, Loc Tri commune, Phu Loc district, Thua Thien Hue province. In addition, this tourism area was built in the valley at the foot of Truong Son mountain and hidden deep in Bach Ma National Park.

Bach Ma Village - Wonderland In Hue - Vietnam Vacation Travel

The place is conveniently located between Hue and Da Nang. It is around 40 kilometers South of Hue’s city center and 65 kilometers from Da Nang. As a result, travelers can easily arrive here to explore using our private car service.

You can choose one of our private car transfer options below to Bach Ma based on where you are staying.

Besides, if you are looking for a professional guide to accompany you on your Bach Ma trip, you can refer to our day tours below:

How To Get To Bach Ma Village In Hue

Depending on where you stay, we recommend two ways to get to Bach Ma Village, specifically:

  • If departing from Hue City: You go along Highway 1A to the South. When you arrive in Phu Loc, you will see a sign pointing to Bach Ma National Park. After that, you turn right onto Tran Dinh Tuc Street. Next, turn left into Le Thuc Khanh Street and continue for a short distance to the Bach Ma Village tourism area.
  • If your starting point is Da Nang: Visitors follow Highway 1A from Da Nang to Hue. Coming to Phu Loc town, you turn right onto Tran Dinh Tuc Street then turn left into Le Thuc Khanh Street. Continue a little further and you will reach Bach Ma Village.

What’s Special About Bach Ma Village?

Coming to the Bach Ma Village tourist area, visitors can immerse themselves in the fresh natural scenery along with cool streams. Not only that, but this place also brings you local dishes with attractive flavors and vibrant colors. The journey to discover Bach Ma Village promises to bring you many surprises.

Immerse Yourself In Nature At Bach Ma Village

It is not natural that Bach Ma Village attracts thousands of tourists here every year. This location has a beautiful setting, with half-submerged, half-floating mushroom dwellings on the ground, creating the impression of being immersed in a fairy tale world.

Bach Ma Village-Wonderland In Hue - Vietnam Vacation Travel

In contrast with the hustle and bustle of crowded urban regions. Visitors can find peace here with the sound of birds singing and the sound of gurgling water to temporarily forget the pressures of daily life.

In addition, Bach Ma Village is surrounded by the lush greenery of enormous natural mountains and forests. It helps your soul rest. Not only that, but the natural circumstances here are perfect for people of all ages, so you can come here with your family to have fun and relax.

Ideal Resort In The Forest

Bach Ma Village tourist area provides you with all the necessary amenities for your vacation. Unlike other ecotourism locations, this place is equipped with high-speed internet systems to satisfy guests’ needs.

Bach Ma Village-Wonderland In Hue - Vietnam Vacation Travel

Furthermore, this tourist site has made excellent use of the benefits provided by nature. This has resulted in an ideal outdoor resort setting for guests, particularly the natural stream lake area.

In the summer, Bach Ma Village is an attractive place that you should not miss. Coming here, visitors can soak in the cool and refreshing water to help them forget the harsh summer heat in Hue.

Delicious And Attractive Cuisine

Coming to Bach Ma Village, you will enjoy special delicious parties only available here. Hundreds of attractive dishes with distinct features of the Ancient Capital in general, and the Bach Ma mountain region in particular are waiting for you to explore.

Bach Ma Village - Wonderland In Hue - Vietnam Vacation Travel

This place ensures to meet all dietary needs of all customers. For diners who love open space, it is very suitable for outdoor buffet parties with grilled dishes from pork, shrimp, chicken, and squid. Moreover, this spot also has a restaurant section that can accommodate up to 500 people.

Bach Ma Village-Wonderland In Hue - Vietnam Vacation Travel

Interesting Activities In Bach Ma Village

Bach Ma Village is a fascinating resort that you should not miss, especially during these hot summer days. Visitors to this location can observe the gorgeous scenery and participate in various fun activities such as stream bathing, waterfall skiing, and burning campfires.

Overnight Camping

Overnight camping at Bach Ma Village is one of the most interesting experiences. The chosen camping area is a flat land with a lush green surface and high-quality huts. The tent is fully prepared with blankets, pillows, and fans to provide a good night’s sleep.

Bach Ma Village In Hue - Vietnam Vacation Travel

Moreover, this area is professionally invested with a complete lighting system both onshore and underwater. With a large and airy space, visitors can have fun together, enjoy the cool night breeze, and watch the starry sky.

Not only that, but the campfire activity is the most anticipated moment of the night. Everyone gathers around the fire, sings to each other, and listens to interesting stories. Tomorrow morning, visitors can admire the wonderful beauty of sunrise rising from the top of the mountain. These will be unforgettable memories of your trip.

Bach Ma Village In Hue - Vietnam Vacation Travel

Bathing In Streams And Waterfall Skiing

While staying at Bach Ma Village, you can enjoy exciting stream bathing and waterfall skiing. The stream bathing area features enormous natural rocks and pure running water, bringing an instant feeling of refreshment. Visitors are free to swim and sunbathe in the natural stream area.

Bach Ma Village - Wonderland In Hue - Vietnam Vacation Travel

Plus, waterfall skiing is also an activity that attracts many young people to participate. At waterfalls, you can experience the thrill of sliding from the cliff into the water. You will be provided with free life jackets and sliding chairs to ensure safety during the waterfall slide.


Besides admiring the scenery, this is a wonderful location for taking wonderful pictures. Visitors can check in next to the lovely, colorfully designed Hobbit houses. In addition, the flower garden is also an excellent location for taking memory images.

Bach Ma Village - Wonderland In Hue - Vietnam Vacation Travel

Furthermore, the Smurfs area will be a great spot to capture images of children playing and enjoying the green natural landscape. And the fresh green grass is also a place to pose to take beautiful and outstanding images amidst the green background.

Ticket Price To Bach Ma Village

Entrance ticket price and outdoor camping combo at Bach Ma Village:

  • Entrance Ticket:

Height from 1m to 1.3m: 60.000 VND/person.

Height over 1.3m: 100.000 VND/person.

  • Tent Combo (6:00 pm – 8:00 am): 150,000 VND to 300,000 VND/person
  • Capsule Room (2:00 pm to 11:00 am): 350,000 VND/person


  • The entrance ticket price covers: Tickets to the tourist area, insurance, personal lockers, life jackets, bathroom, spring bathing services, chairs, umbrellas, toilets, and VAT.
  • Tent and Capsule Combo covers: Gate ticket services, and breakfast, if you want to sleep alone, the resort will charge an additional fee.

Other Famous Places In Bach Ma National Park

Bach Ma Village is one of the many interesting spots to visit in Bach Ma National Park. If you have arrived in Bach Ma, you can explore more stunning spots below.

Do Quyen Waterfall

Do Quyen Waterfall is currently ASEAN’s highest waterfall, standing 300 meters tall. Water flows all year from the waterfall’s top down the monolithic rock, resembling a smooth silk strip glittering in the sun.

Bach Ma Village-Wonderland In Hue - Vietnam Vacation Travel

Standing at the summit, you will enjoy a panoramic view of Bach Ma’s green mountains and forests. In addition, you may observe amazing colorful rainbows formed by water jets in the sunlight.

Hai Vong Dai Peak

Hai Vong Dai Peak is an ideal place to admire panoramic views of the forest, lagoon, and sea in Bach Ma National Park. This place brings the coolness of the sea breeze and fresh, airy air that is difficult to find in urban areas. Furthermore, it is located on the summit so tourists may see spot clouds along the way.

Bach Ma Village - Vietnam Vacation Travel

Five Lakes Trail

Five Lakes is a network of natural streams and lakes located deep within Hue’s Bach Ma forest. Coming here, you will feel immersed in fresh and clean nature. In addition, you can swim in the cool and clear blue lakes here.

Bach Ma Village - Vietnam Vacation Travel

Truc Lam Bach Ma Zen Monastery

Truc Lam Bach Ma Zen Monastery is one of the most peaceful spots in Hue. It is positioned between Truoi Lake and the summit of Linh Son Mountain, therefore it remains cloudy all year, like a fairyland. Many visitors return to this location to heal their souls after life’s events.

Bach Ma Village - Wonderland In Hue - Vietnam Vacation Travel

Travel Experience

Vietnam Vacation Travel provides you with the following travel tips:

  • You should bring a swimsuit so that you can enjoy bathing in the stream.
  • To avoid the summer heat, bring a hat, an umbrella, and a fan.
  • Because it is located in the mountains, the temperature at night is rather low, therefore pack warm clothing to avoid getting a cold.
  • Bring only the personal goods required for your journey.
  • Always bring life jackets for children in the stream area.
  • Don’t forget to pack sunscreen and insect repellent.
  • The best time to visit Bach Ma Village is in the spring and summer.
  • You are not permitted to bring food or drinks here, so don’t bring them to avoid waste.
  • You should book tickets in advance to avoid running out of tickets, especially during peak.


In short, Bach Ma Village is an attractive place with beautiful natural landscapes and many entertainment activities. Hopefully, the information supplied by Vietnam Vacation Travel on the Bach Ma Village tourist area is valuable to you. Please add this place to your travel notebook this summer.