Ban Co Peak – The Chessboard Peak

Ban Co Peak - The Chessboard Peak - Vietnam Vacation Travel


Ban Co Peak, or Chessboard Peak, is one of the must-see attractions for visitors to Son Tra Peninsula, Da Nang City. In the busy modern world, its vintage and otherworldly atmosphere has appealed to many people.

Ban Co Peak Da Nang Vietnam - Vietnam Vacation Travel

With its impressive height and mysterious setting, Ban Co Peak promises to give tourists an awesome travel experience. Now, let’s go into detail about this Da Nang attraction with Vietnam Vacation Travel.

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Location Of Ban Co Peak

Ban Co Peak is situated on the celebrated Son Tra Peninsula of Da Nang. It is about 8 kilometers from Da Nang City Center to the west. The seaside location greatly benefits Chessboard Peak as a tourist destination.

To be more specific, please refer to the Ban Co Peak map below:

This summit is considered the highest place in Da Nang thanks to its 700-meter height above the sea. Located at such a sheer height among the clouds, Ban Co Peak is likened to the “roof of Da Nang”.

Its position is ideal to get the most glorious sunrise and sunset views. Also, you can zoom out over the whole city with its boundless sky and vast seas.

Da Nang City Ban Co Peak - Vietnam Vacation Travel

Moreover, on the way to the Ban Co Peak location, you can pass by many popular attractions on the Son Tra Peninsula. There is Tien Sa Beach, Linh Ung Bai But Pagoda, the Thousands Year Banyan Tree, the Dong Dinh Museum, and more.

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Ban Co Peak And Da Nang Travel - Vietnam Vacation Travel

Ways To Visit Ban Co Peak Da Nang

Due to its high position, visitors to Ban Co Peak have to go through a steep route with some bends. Motorcycles and private cars are the two most popular transfer options to Ban Co Peak Da Nang.

Way To Da Nang Chessboard Peak - Vietnam Vacation Travel

If you are an adventure seeker and an excellent driver, a motorcycle would be perfect for you. You can enjoy the fantastic views and fresh atmosphere on your own while overcoming the dangerously steep path.

However, please notice that a scooter is not suitable for this route. You should choose a powerful motorcycle to avoid unexpected problems with the engines.

Ban Co Peak - The Chessboard Peak - Vietnam Vacation Travel

On the other hand, you can pick a more comfortable and safer option by booking a private car. You can refer to the private car rental provided by Vietnam Vacation Travel. We specialize in providing good-quality cars and skilled English-speaking drivers.

As a private transfer, you can customize your itinerary with us. We are willing to offer stopovers at any attraction, such as Linh Ung Pagoda or the Thousands Year Banyan Tree, that you want.

While an experienced driver takes care of the transfer, you are carefree and enjoy all the stunning views along the way to Ban Co Peak. Also, this option is much safer if your family has small children and elderly members.

Ban Co Peak Da Nang Private Car Transfer - Vietnam Vacation Travel

Best Time To Visit

The weather in Da Nang is affected by the sea because the city is almost entirely seaside. Usually, there are two separate seasons in Da Nang: the wet and the dry.

Going on wet days will make your way to Chessboard Peak more difficult. Instead, you should choose a visit date in the dry season when there is more sunshine and less rain.

It is advisable that you visit Ban Co Peak from February to September. As it is dry and sunny during those months, it is more convenient for your transportation and sightseeing.

Ban Co Peak - The Chessboard Peak - Vietnam Vacation Travel

Legend About Ban Co Peak

People are also keen on the interesting folk tale about Chessboard Peak. Why is it called “Chessboard Peak” (or “Dinh Ban Co” in Vietnamese)? We will tell you the story behind this name.

Ban Co Peak - The Chessboard Peak - Vietnam Vacation Travel

Once upon a time, two fairies, also two chess masters, picked the highest summit of the Son Tra Peninsula as their competition spot. Sitting amid the poetic scenery, the inconclusive competition between two chess masters lasted for months.

Ban Co Peak - The Chessboard Peak Legend - Vietnam Vacation Travel

One day, some beautiful fairies came down from above to swim at the nearby beach called Tien Sa Beach (“Tien Sa” means fairies descending). Their beauty attracted one of the chess fairies and distracted him from his competition. As a result, he failed the game.

The winner flew back to the sky, leaving his competitor discontented about the result. However, regardless of how much time he spent solving the game, he ended up figuring out nothing.

Fairy Statue Of Ban Co Peak - Vietnam Vacation Travel

Originating from this legend, the locals built a chessboard with a contemplating fairy and named the site “Chessboard Peak”.

Ban Co Peak Highlights

Sunset And Sunrise Scenery

Set in a high position, Ban Co Peak is a perfect place to do some sightseeing at sunset and sunrise.

In the early morning, a thin layer of fog covering the mountain is penetrated by the first glorious sunrays of the day. Standing up there at dawn, you will see the purest beauty of nature. The scenery of a sparkling blue sea, green plants, and bright sun will be worth your visit.

Sunrise On Ban Co Peak Da Nang - Vietnam Vacation Travel

Similarly, watching the sunset from Ban Co Peak is no less fantastic. When the final sunlight of the day gradually fades, the city views appear so elegant and illusory. In that romantic scene, you can immerse yourself in the vibrant Dragon Bridge or the gentle strait of Da Nang.

Sunset On Ban Co Peak Da Nang - Vietnam Vacation Travel

Chess Fairy Statue

Inferring from the legend, the chess fairies have chosen the most beautiful spot on the Son Tra Peninsula to play their game. This will be proven once you sit down on the opposite side of the fairy statue and feel the surrounding atmosphere.

Ban Co Peak - The Chessboard Peak - Vietnam Vacation Travel

Sitting with the chess fairy at the height of Chessboard Peak, you will treat yourself to the breathtaking views and refreshing air. This lush and rocky summit is so beautiful that you will not want to leave.

Surrounding Clouds

At Ban Co Peak Da Nang, you can experience standing among the clouds and vast sky. You will feel so close to the white clouds and unlimited blue sky.

The higher it gets, the cooler it is, so visiting Ban Co Peak gives you peaceful, refreshing, and pleasant feelings. What is more romantic than immersing yourself in the fluffy clouds and cool breezes?

Ban Co Peak - The Chessboard Peak - Vietnam Vacation Travel

Moreover, there are a simple cafe shop and some restaurants serving grilled meat at affordable prices for you to enjoy some dishes while watching nice views.

Da Nang City Panoramic Views

At a height of 700 meters above sea level, Ban Co Peak offers sweeping views of the surrounding region.

Da Nang City From Ban Co Peak - Vietnam Vacation Travel

You can catch everything in a glimpse. Son Tra Mountains appear crystal clear in front of you. Cool beaches shine under the sun and boats float on the sea. The iconic Dragon Bridge of Da Nang stands still with sky-high buildings and residents are busy with their life.

Whenever you come, in the morning or afternoon, Ban Co Peak serves you unique scenery to admire.

Ban Co Peak - The Chessboard Peak - Vietnam Vacation Travel

Ban Co Peak Regulations

Since 2019, Son Tra Eco-Tourism Seas Board has issued some regulations for travelers to Ban Co Peak. Their purposes are to increase the safety and security of the site. Refer to the below regulations to have a better trip:

  • Sightseeing and picnic activities are restricted to the time from 7:30 to 19:00 every day.
  • Visit cards to Son Tra Peninsula will be handed out at the guard station. Yellow cards, which allow long-term visits, are for afforestation households, graduate students, photographers, and scientific researchers. Meanwhile, green cards for one-day visits are issued to tourists and returned on the same day.
  • Scooters and 24-seat cars are prohibited in Son Tra Peninsula.
  • Those who travel by motorcycle have to be careful and lower their speed for safety.

Besides, there are some other reminders for visitors to Ban Co Peak as follow:

  • Do not carve, write, or draw on structures.
  • Do not eat, drink, or make fires.
  • Do not smoke.
  • Do not camp or stay overnight.
  • Use the designated areas for litter.

Ban Co Peak Regulations - Vietnam Vacation Travel

Travel Tips For Ban Co Peak

  • Comfortable and neat clothes are recommended.
  • Because Ban Co Peak is an outdoor attraction, you should prepare hats, umbrellas, or sunlight-proof coats to avoid sunstroke.
  • It is advisable that you leave after about 5 PM because the path becomes dangerous at night.
  • You should avoid rainy days. If it unfortunately rains, watch out for slippery paths and erosion.
  • In case some troubles happen, you should add the phone numbers of your hotel, driver, or rental vehicle owners in advance to get help.

Nearby Attractions

Linh Ung Bai But Pagoda

Linh Ung Bai But Pagoda Da Nang is one of the largest and most famous pagodas in the central area of Vietnam. It accommodates a huge Lady Buddha Statue of 67 meters. This pagoda is famous for its sacredness, beautiful Buddhist architecture, and panoramic views of the city.

Linh Ung Bai But Pagoda Da Nang - Vietnam Vacation Travel

Thousands Year Banyan Tree

5 kilometers away from Linh Ung Pagoda, you will see the Thousands Year Banyan Tree. It attracts many people because of its longevity, history, and natural beauty. No one actually knows how old this banyan tree is. But from its majestic size, which 10 people can not cover, they estimate that it has lived for a very long time.

Thousands Year Banyan Tree Da Nang - Vietnam Vacation Travel

Son Tra Rardar Station

Son Tra Rardar Station is called “Indochina God’s Eye” which can zoom out the whole of Da Nang City. Besides opening for tourists, its main function is to observe the sea and sky and ensure the safety of Vietnam’s territory. It offers visitors a different corner to watch Da Nang City.

Son Tra Rardar Station - Vietnam Vacation Travel

Dong Dinh Art Museum

Dong Dinh Museum is perfect for those who love art, nature, and local culture. It is a wonderful combination between lush mountainous nature and unique artistic-cultural values. You will have the chance to immerse in nature, see vintage architecture, admire original artworks, and learn about local life.

Dong Dinh Museum Da Nang - Vietnam Vacation Travel


Ban Co Peak Da Nang is a unique destination for those who love to enjoy nature and breathe some cool air. Let’s open our eyes to the immense sky and earn precious experiences with Ban Co Peak!

Vietnam Vacation Travel hopes that our article is helpful for your trip to Da Nang and Ban Co Peak. Thank you for reading!