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Nestled amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Ba Na Hills Da Nang, Vietnam, the Debay Wine Cellar is a hidden gem that give you a memorable and delightful experience for wine enthusiasts and travelers alike. It is an ancient wine cellar of the French colonialists during the Vietnam War that remains almost intact up to now.

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Debay Wine Cellar’s entrance

Vietnam Vacation Travel will provide details via this article for you to explore the wonders of the Debay Wine Cellar. You will discover the rich history, unique architecture, diverse cuisine, and premium wines that await you at this enchanting attraction.

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Debay wine cellar was built deep in the mountain under the French under Sun World Ba Na Hills. If you come to Ba Na Hills without hearing the stories about where the golden past of the French aristocracy is kept, it is a pity!

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Debay Ancient Wine Cellar’s Location

Debay wine cellar is located on the top of Chua Mountain, in Ba Na Hills tourist area. It is the territory of Hoa Ninh commune, Hoa Vang district, Da Nang city. About 35km southwest of Da Nang city center.

Remarkably, the Debay is the only wine cellar in Vietnam built on the top of Chua Mountain at an altitude of 1,489m above sea level. Plus, it is near the Le JardinD’Amour Flower Garden. Many people often call Debay wine cellar by names such as Ba Na Hills Wine Cellar, Da Nang Wine Cellar, and Ba Na Wine Cellar.

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Entrance Fee And Operating Time

In previous years, traveling to Ba Na, visitors were free to explore and take pictures in the Debay cellar without paying any fees. It is because it is on the list of free points included in the Bana Hills cable car price.

Debay Wine Cellar-Vietnam Vacation Travel

However, since April 24, 2023, Sun World Ba Na Hills has adjusted ticket prices for all items in the tourist complex. Accordingly, the Debay wine cellar also changed from a free attraction to a ticketed attraction. Specifically, the ticket price is as follow:

  • Sliver ticket: 100,000 VND/person (including entrance fee and drinks in the standard package).
  • Gold ticket: 200,000 VND/person (including admission fee and drinks in the premium package).
  • Platinum ticket: 300,000 VND/person (including entrance fee and drinks in the super-premium package).

To know more about other entrance fee tickets for other Da Nang attractions, you can refer to our Da Nang Entrance Fee 2023.

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  • Children under 1.4m are free entrance fees but are not allowed to drink wine.
  • Visitors under 18 years old are only allowed to use non-alcoholic beverages as prescribed.
  • Opening hours are from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm daily.

How To Visit Debay Wine Cellar?

Currently, there are many vehicles for you to choose to go to Bana Hills to explore the cellar. For example, taxi, grab, motorbike or private car. However, the best choice is booking a car since you can depart at any time with many options of car types. Plus, you don’t need to wait for anyone, and there are many other benefits.

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Private car transfer from Danang to Bana Hills, or Hue/Hoi An to Bana Hills, is door-to-door services at an affordable price with friendly English-speaking drivers. Moreover, along the way from Hue or Hoi An to Bana Hills, you can stop at some places to admire stunning scenery take photos, drink coffee, etc.

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Bar Debay

After arriving at the Ba Na Hills tourist area gate, you will take the cable car to the top of Ba Na to visit the wine cellar. Additionally, you can also visit the Debay wine cellar by booking Ba Na Hills Tours.

Best Time To Visit

Because it is located in the mountains, very high from sea level, the temperature in Ba Na always fluctuates from about 17 – 20 degrees Celsius. Thus, it is cool and pleasant all year round. Hence, you can come here any time of the year, but the best is still the dry season (August 4 – August) or the spring months.

Ba Na Hills Wine Cellar-Vietnam Vacation Travel

What’s more? This is one of the ideal attractions in Bana Hills to watch the sunset and sunrise moments. Therefore, the best time to go to the cellar to check in will be between 6-8 am or 4-6 pm.

If you can arrange the time, you should come here in the middle of the week because visitors at Debay Wine Cellar are very crowded on weekends. Therefore, ordering a table and ordering food will also take longer to wait.

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The Debay bar outside the wine cellar

In case it is mainly just to explore the wine cellar, you can visit it in the winter. The reason is simply because this Da Nang wine cellar is located deep in the mountain.

Debay Ba Na Hills Wine Cellar’s History

Since 1919 to 1938, the French built hundreds of villas, hospitals, post offices, etc. All were built right on top of Ba Na to serve the resort needs of officials, military officers, French merchants, and Vietnamese elites in the past. They understand the prime location and the climate has all four seasons in just one very unique day. Along with that is the magnificent and fresh natural landscape of Bana Hills.

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The French elaborately built the Debay wine cellar in 1923. It was named after the French Captain – Debay. He was the one who discovered Ba Na and proposed the idea for the governor of Indochina to build a resort here. The wine cellar is named Debay as a way of recognizing his merits.

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The bar inside the wine cellar

The cellar is a place to store precious and famous wines brought from France. The wine bottles brought by the French to be stored here will be used to entertain guests on essential occasions and lavish parties. Importantly, it is the only remaining structure of French quite intact up to now.

Debay Wine Cellar-Vietnam Vacation Travel

In 1945, when the French colonists left Vietnam, the Ba Na Hills cellar slowly fades into oblivion. After a long time and many times of restoration. The ancient wine cellar has been restored and put into operation, serving tourists to visit.

Things To Do At Debay Wine Cellar Ba Na Hills

Built by French in 1923, the Debay Wine Cellar is dug in the depth of 100 meters into the rocky mountain ground. This is where is always an ideal temperature of 16 – 20 degrees Celcius to store wine. At this place, travelers not only visit the ancient wine cellar but also explore a typical French cuisine culture.

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Explore The Unique Architecture

Debay cellar is very different from other cellars in Vietnam and the world. It was dug deep into the inside of the mountain instead of digging deep into the ground. Inside the cellar is an ample space to store and distill wine types.

Debay Wine Cellar-Vietnam Vacation Travel

The cellar is dug deep into the rocky ground of Chua Mountain. It has a total length of 100 meters, 2.5 meters high, and 2 meters wide. Besides, the ceiling of the wine cellar is dug in the shape of an arch (French architectural style), creating certainty and safety.

Debay Wine Cellar Ba Na Hills-Vietnam Vacation Travel

Inside the Debay cellar, there are a total of 14 wine niches (5 large and 9 small). All are used to preserve wine inside the bottles and oak barrels. Additionally, there are the lobby, fireplace, bar, and common lounge for visitors to visit and enjoy wine.

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Notably, each wine nich has its own owner. They were the owners of villas or hotels in Ba Na Hills a century ago. The walls of the cellar are built of mountain stone and mortar, combined with the litsea glutinosa’s resin that only has in Da Nang city and Quang Nam province.

Debay Ancient Wine Cellar-Vietnam Vacation Travel

There are many types of wine brought from France, in addition to many other precious wines. Visitors here can sip a few glasses of wine in a French atmosphere.

This wine cellar used to be a luxury entertainment place for Vietnamese people during the French colonial period. Only the upper-class guests can set foot here. Therefore, the cellar is a testament to the luxurious life of the rich and aristocratic class of the French period.

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Enjoy Various Premium Wines

There are currently hundreds of wines stored here, many of which are precious wines imported from France. You can learn about the history of wines and their health effects.

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Not only are the bottles of wine delicious, but some of the bottles at the Debay cellar also represent a luxurious lifestyle. Their flavor is both mild and passionate and offers a luxurious experience.

Some of the best wines include Sauvignon Blanc, Chateau Des Combes, Chateau Laubes, etc. There are also cool cocktails at the bar. You will enjoy the corresponding wine depending on the ticket price you bought.

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To increase the experience for visitors, Sun World Ba Na Hills built Bar Debay right above the wine cellar with spacious and luxurious space. This is a place where visitors can sit and relax and continue to enjoy delicious glasses of wine. Hence, no need to go to Bordeaux, you still have the opportunity to enjoy famous wines at Debay Ba Na Hills cellar.

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Bar Debay also impresses with its open-air space overlooking the beautiful Le Jardin D’Amour flower garden. From here, visitors can sip wine and enjoy grilled meat skewers while watching clouds fly at eye level among thousands of flowers.

Taste The Diverse Cuisine

After visiting the cellar and enjoying the wine, you can go up to the 2nd floor of the cellar, and you will enter the Debay restaurant. This restaurant specializes in serving delicious Vietnamese and European cuisines.

In particular, the restaurant’s “best seller” is grilled ostrich meat. For cuisine connoisseurs, a delicious dish and good wine will make a perfect combination. So, don’t forget to order an extra glass of wine to enjoy along with the dishes.

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In a romantic space with a panoramic view of Ba Na Hills flower garden and melodious music playing, you will be completely satisfied with an unforgettable experience at the restaurant. In addition, the restaurant has mixed fruit wine and cool cocktails for those who can’t drink strong wine!

Join The Wine Festival

Every year in May, Ba Na Hills organizes a wine festival on a large scale with many fabulous activities. There are many wine-producing countries in the world that will join the festival, such as France, Spain, Australia, and so on.

Da Nang Wine Cellar Festival-Vietnam Vacation Travel

Coming to the wine cellar during the festive season, you will be immersed in the vibrant and bustling atmosphere of the wine festival. In the space of outdoor buffet parties, you will enjoy sipping wine with delicious dishes. Along with that is a unique and attractive dance performance by professional dancers.

Take Beautiful Photos At The Wine Cellar

In addition, you can also save yourself countless beautiful photos imbued with French aristocratic culture at this ancient Debay wine cellar.

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European architectural features, luxurious space of Debay cellar with the background of wine niches and hundreds of large and small bottles and barrels of wine. All will be beautiful backgrounds for your photos.

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According to our travel experience for beautiful photos, you can take at the bar, the display area of the wine niches, or the entrance area. Every corner of the Ba Na Hills wine cellar will help you have a photo album that captivates thousands of people.

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Attractions Near The Debay Wine Cellar

Near the wine cellar, there are many other attractive attractions that you can combine to explore more as follows:

Le Jardin D’Amour Flower Garden

Right next to Debay wine cellar is Le Jardin D’Amour flower garden, also called Ba Na Hills flower garden of Love. This flower garden is French style with nine small gardens with different interesting stories. Thus, it is a romantic taking photos attraction.

Ba Na Hills Flower Garden-Vietnam Vacation Travel
One of 9 flower gardens at Le Jardin D’Amour

The flower garden has a unique architectural style and grows many different kinds of flowers in the world. For example, tulip, hydrangea, lavender, lotus, pentagram, petunia, etc. All make a vibrant and colorful space for Ba Na Hills. Promises to leave many memorable impressions and romantic emotions in you.

Linh Ung Pagoda Ba Na Hills

A famous attraction no less than Debay Ba Na wine cellar is Linh Ung Pagoda. With a prime location on a high mountain, from the position of the temple, you can zoom out your eye to admire the scenery of Ba Na and the vast nature.

Linh Ung Pagoda Ba Na Hills-Vietnam Vacation Travel

The spiritual space is in harmony with the mountain landscape and the air. Give visitors a feeling of relaxation and peace when visiting.


On the whole, we hope this article has helped you better understand Debay wine cellar. Although it is not a new destination, it still does not cease to be attractive to many visitors.

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If you have the opportunity to explore the paradise relaxation of Ba Na Hills, do not hesitate to spend a small amount of money to explore the wine cellar. Plus, drink wine to have a memorable journey at Ba Na Hils Da Nang, Vietnam. Vietnam Vacation Travel wishes you memorable experiences at Ba Na Hills Debay ancient wine cellar!