Golden Hands Bridge Da Nang – Top Attraction In Vietnam

Golden Hands Bridge-Vietnam Vacation Travel


Da Nang is not only known as the most livable city in Vietnam but also known as the city of bridges. The most prominent is the Golden Hands Bridge in Danang. It is the only bridge that does not cross the river, but it is extremely renowned worldwide.

Golden Hands Bridge Da Nang-Vietnam Vacation Travel

Nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes of Da Nang, the Golden Hands Bridge Vietnam is an architectural masterpiece that has captured the hearts of travelers from around the world. Let’s Vietnam Vacation Travel explore this “amazing virtual living” place that captivates all visitors!

Golden Hands Bridge Tour-Vietnam Vacation Travel
Private sunrise on Golden Bridge tour

Vietnam Golden Hands Bridge Travel Guide

Golden Hands Bridge Location

Where is Golden Hands Bridge? The Golden Bridge located in the tourist complex Sun World Ba Na Hills, An Son Hamlet, Hoa Ninh Commune, Hoa Vang District, Da Nang City, Vietnam. What else? Da Nang to Golden Bridge distance is about 35 km, so it takes over one hour to get there.

Specifically, the Golden Bridge, with unique architecture, is located at an altitude of 1414m above sea level and near the Le Jardin D’Amour Garden. Plus, the bridge connects Marseille station with Thien Thai flower garden which is convenient to explore the Ba Na Hills flower gardens.

The Golden Bridge-Vietnam Vacation Travel

How To Get To Golden Bridge Da Nang?

For the route from Da Nang to Ba Na Hills, visitors can flexibly choose the most suitable means of transport. You can go to Golden Bridge Bana Hills by motorbike, bus, taxi, or private car, or book a Golden Bridge Da Nang tour.

Golden Hands Bridge Danang-Vietnam Vacation Travel

Renting a motorbike is a good choice for adventurous young people who love to explore. Motorbike rental price is only about 100k – 150k/day. However, motorbikes cannot carry much luggage if you plan to stay in Bana Hills to explore more places.

ba na hills golden bridge-Vietnam Vacation Travel

A private car from Da Nang, Phong Nha, Hue, or Hoi An is the best choice if traveling in a group or with a family. You will be accompanied by a driver who speaks basic English and stops to admire the beautiful scenery along the way. The important thing is that you can choose the car types, departure times, and attractions that suit your needs.

Golden Hands Bridge Vietnam-Vietnam Vacation Travel

If you book the Ba Na Hill private tour 1 day, you will get a full package of costs. Not only admire the Golden Bridge, visitors also experience the highest and longest cable car in the world. Plus, visiting the French village or having fun at Fantasy Park, etc.

golden bridge-Vietnam Vacation Travel

Upon arrival at the Bana Hills cable car station, you will take a cable car to reach the Golden Bridge and other attractions at Ba Na Hills to explore. You may need our car rental service as follows:

Golden Bridge Da Nang Ticket & Opening Hours

There is no need to pay a Golden Bridge Da Nang entrance fee. However, it is located at Sun World Bana Hills on the top of Chua Mountain. Hence, you need to buy a Bana Hills ticket to take a cable car to reach the bridge.

golden bridge ba na hills-Vietnam Vacation Travel
The beautiful sunrise moment at the Golden Bridge

Currently, according to the latest update from Sunworld Ba na Hills, cable car ticket prices are as follows:

  • Adults are 900,000 VND/2 ways.
  • Children (1m – 1.4m) are 750,000 VND/2 ways.
  • Children under 1m in height are free.

The ticket price included attractions at Bana Hills, such as French Village, Fantasy Park, etc. Nevertheless, the ticket does not include the Wax Museum and Debay Wine Cellar. You can read the article ” Da Nang Entrance Fee 2023” to know more about the entrance fee tickets of other attractions in Da Nang.

Opening hours: The Golden Bridge is open to visitors from 8:00 am to 6:30 pm daily.

Best Time To Visit Golden Bridge Da Nang

The ideal time to travel to Da Nang is from February to August every year. The weather at this time is convenient for sightseeing, taking photos at the Golden Bridge as well as exploring Ba Na hills.

Vietnam Golden Hands Bridge-Vietnam Vacation Travel

You can visit the golden hand bridge in Vietnam at any time of the day. Each time, this famous bridge brings its own enchanting. The most beautiful time is at dawn and dusk.

In addition, you can also visit Da Nang Golden Bridge in all four seasons since every season has its own unique festivals will take place.

bana hills golden bridge-Vietnam Vacation Travel

Golden Bridge Da Nang History

Da Nang Golden Hand Bridge was constructed by Sun Group and officially inaugurated after one year, from July 2017 to June 2018. Although built after other attractions in Bana Hills, it has become a top-famous place that was appealing millions of domestic and international visitors.

The Golden Hands Bridge-Vietnam Vacation Travel

Surely many visitors are curious about who designed this famous Golden Bridge. They are the architecter – Pham Thi Ai Thuy, and the main designer – Vu Viet Anh, of TA Landscape Architecture Company, who created this masterpiece.

What Makes The Golden Bridge Renowned?

Standing on the only bridge that does not cross the river of Da Nang city, visitors can capture the majestic mountain scenery with the same primeval forests. In the distance is a stunning panoramic view of Danang coastal city.

Golden Hands Bridge in Da Nang-Vietnam Vacation Travel

On sunny and cloudy days, the scenery here is shimmering and fanciful, like a fairyland. Therefore, Danang Golden Bridge received a rain of compliments, a series of titles and rare records as follows:

The American newspaper CNN describes: “The Golden Bridge is a narrow bridge surrounding the mountainside, supported by old, mossy hands. The bridge is designed like Buddha’s hands lifting a golden silk strip. The project opens a path in the clouds, halfway up the mountain for tourists, becoming a very attractive destination for tourists in recent times.

da nang golden hands bridge-Vietnam Vacation Travel

  • TIME – America’s leading magazine voted the Golden Bridge in the world’s Top 100 most wonderful destinations.
  • The US news outlet Huffington Post declared it “the most interesting bridge ever seen.”
  • Reuters – One of the largest news agencies in the world put the Golden Bridge in the top 50 of the ranking of “The most “weird” photos of 2018.
  • France’s leading news agency AFP voted photographer Linh Pham’s photo of the Golden Bridge to be in the TOP 106 photos of 2018.
  • The World Travel Awards has awarded the Golden Bridge title “World’s Leading Iconic Tourist Bridge 2020”.
  • Besides, the famous British daily newspaper, Guardian, honored the Golden Bridge in the “Top 10 pedestrian bridges with the most unique and beautiful architecture in the world”.
  • Additionally, the Independent newspaper announced the Golden Bridge as one of the “Top 10 unbelievably beautiful and unique bridges in the world”.
  • Moreover, News site Insider (USA) rated this as one of the 28 most impressive bridges in the world.

golden hand bridge da nang-Vietnam Vacation Travel

Things To Do At The Golden Hands Bridge Vietnam

There are many things to explore at Da Nang Golden Bridge. From taking stunning photographs to enjoying panoramic views and exploring nearby attractions, the Golden Hands Bridge promises an enchanting journey filled with wonder and beauty.

golden hands bridge da nang photos-Vietnam Vacation Travel

You will embrace the magic of Ba Na Hills and immerse yourself in the splendor of the Golden Bridge – a truly unforgettable attraction in central Vietnam.

Exploring The Unique Architecture

The bridge has a length of nearly 150m, including 7 pillars, 2 abutments, 8 spans, and the largest span is 21.2m. The bridge deck area is 5m wide, the pedestrian part is 3m, and the two sides are 1m each for planting flowers. Hence, the bridge has become a long road hidden in the magic clouds and mountains of Ba Na.

golden hands bridge in vietnam-Vietnam Vacation Travel

What is the golden bridge in Vietnam made of? As for the body of the bridge, the surface is made of 5cm thick cedar wood, which is extremely durable and suitable for the weather conditions here. The bridge shell is covered with gold emulsion-painted steel plate.

golden bridge da nang-Vietnam Vacation Travel

Furthermore, the bridge railing is made of stainless steel, plated with gold titanium. Hence, it makes the bridge more shiny and sparkle in the sunlight. Additionally, the hands are built from wire mesh, mortar, and stone with very beautiful green moss patches.

Golden Bridge Vietnam-Vietnamvacation

The Golden Bridge Da Nang causes “shock” not only because of its unique location but also because of its impressive architecture. Looking at the whole scene, the bridge has a delicate and soft curve as soft as a golden silk strip across the mountain. Plus, it is cradled by giant hands that are similar to the Buddha’s hands.

golden bridge ba na hills-Vietnam Vacation Travel

Therefore, the bridge forms a golden road suspended between the Ba Na mountains and forests. It implies hoping people can step on it and see the majestic nature from above.

Admiring The Breathtaking Scenery

It is great to check in to Da Nang Golden Bridge on Ba Na Hills in the early morning when the mist wanders around the hills. The beautiful Golden Bridge becomes more poetic as if it appeared in the middle of the white clouds floating like a fairy scene.

golden bridge ba na hills-Vietnam Vacation Travel

At the bridge, you will feel the clear and cool air from the mountains and forests, escaping the stuffiness and crowding in the city. More impressively, from the bridge, you can also see the panoramic view of Bana Hills, Da Nang city, and beautiful beaches in the far distance.

golden bridge bana hills-Vietnam Vacation Travel

Walking on the Golden Bridge will be a fabulous experience since you will feel yourself walking on air in a fairyland. At nightfall, the Golden Bridge and the surrounding scenery are also spectacularly beautiful.

Taking Captivated Photos

Additionally, do not forget to choose a shooting angle that can cover the whole view of the Golden Bridge. In particular, the position of the two hands will make your photos becomes much more beautiful and valuable. Many couples have chosen Da Nang Golden Bridge for wedding photography, which is unique, beautiful, and romantic.

ba na hills golden bridge-Vietnam Vacation Travel

As long as you raise the camera, you will have wonderful photos because everywhere are stunning and romantic views like in the movies. In addition, you can also buy gifts for your friends or family members at the Golden Bridge gift store.

Nearest Attractions With The Golden Bridge

Having taken the effort to go to Bana Hills, you cannot check in to Da Nang Golden Bridge and then return, right? In addition to the Golden Bridge, there are also countless ideal attractions waiting for you to explore below:

Thien Thai And Sensory Gardens

From the Golden Bridge, you will walk to the Sense Garden area. This is one of the unique gardens of Ba Na that few people notice. You keep walking involuntarily, and then suddenly, you are surprised when in front of you is a statue of a head with two ears. Plus, a giant arm as if beckoning, a giant pair of legs, etc.

Sensory garden-Vietnam Vacation Travel
One corner of the Sensory garden

And then you will laugh at how cute they are. Check in this garden, and you will have beautiful pictures. It’s as if you’ve just stepped into a wonderland that isn’t real on this Earth!

Le Jardin D’amour Flower Garden

Also known as the Love flower garden, the Le Jardin D’amour Flower Garden has a large scale of 21,000 square meters. It is likened to a fairy scene in the world. This flower garden has nearly 1000 kinds of flowers from different countries worldwide.

The Eden-Vietnam Vacation Travel
The Eden garden in Le Jardin D’amour flower garden

Debay Wine Cellar

Deep in the heart of the mysterious Chua mountain cave is the Debay Wine Cellar. It is an ideal place to store many types of famous wines in the world over 100 years old. The wine cellar is built from monolithic rocks with classic French architecture.


Moreover, the temperature at the wine cellar is always 16 – 20 degrees Celsius, so it stores the wines well. Visitors here can open their eyes when seeing and enjoying rare wines at Debay cellar.

Notes For Visit The Golden Bridge

For your trip to the Golden Bridge to be smooth without trouble, you need to pay attention to a few things as follows:

If you choose to go from Da Nang by bus, you need to contact the bus operator at least 1 day in advance to update the travel time and fare to avoid running out of tickets.

The most beautiful time to visit the Golden Bridge of the day is in the morning or afternoon, especially at sunrise and sunset moments.

You should bring a fully charged camera and phone not to miss every stunning moment here and other attractions in Bana Hills.

Due to the location of the Golden Bridge located on high, you should bring a thin coat and a thin towel to prevent colds. Wear sports or flat shoes with good friction soles for easier movement.

Golden Bridge Danang-Vietnam Vacation Travel
The beautiful sunset moment at the bridge

Only take photos, admire the scenery absolutely, do not climb on the railing, reach all your body out over the bridge’s railing, or go down to the area below the bridge. These are the regulations of Sun World in order to ensure your safety.

If there are children in the group, keep an eye on them because children are inherently hyperactive.


All in all, the Golden Hands Bridge in Da Nang, Vietnam, stands as a symbol of human creativity and ingenuity. It is a surreal design harmonious with its breathtaking setting of nature. All makes it a must-see landmark for travelers seeking a captivating and awe-inspiring experience.

Golden Bridge Da Nang Vietnam-Vietnamvacation
The Golden Bridge at night

Hopefully, the above useful information will help you have the best preparation for the journey to discover this spectacular Golden Bridge. Do not hesitate to contact Vietnam Vacation Travel to discover this wonderful attraction. Thank you for reading our article!

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