Hai Vong Dai Peak In Bach Ma National Park Hue

Hai Vong Dai Peak Bach Ma National Park - Vietnam Vacation Travel

Introduction To Hai Vong Dai Peak

Hai Vong Dai Peak is among the top choices for visitors to Bach Ma National Park Hue thanks to its heavenly vibes. It creates an ideal combination of immense nature, a fresh atmosphere, and vintage structures. A poetic panorama of Hue City will appear in front of your eyes once you stand on this summit tower.

Hai Vong Dai Peak Bach Ma National Park - Vietnam Vacation Travel

Indeed, as the highest point of Bach Ma Mountain, Hai Vong Dai offers nature enthusiasts a space for excitement and relaxation. To get a deeper insight into this noteworthy site, please continue with the below guidebook by Vietnam Vacation Travel.

Hai Vong Dai Peak Location

Where is Hai Vong Dai Peak? It’s nestled on the top of Bach Ma Mountain, at 1,400 meters above the sea. Thus, Hai Vong Dai Peak is part of Bach Ma National Park, which is 40 kilometers from the Hue city center and 70 kilometers from Da Nang City.

This advantageous location gives Hai Vong Dai Peak Bach Ma distinguished scenic views. It embraces all the natural beauty of Hue, including mountains, rivers, lagoons, forests, and seas. Therefore, it has appealed to many travelers.

  • Hai Vong Dai Peak entrance fee: included in the Bach Ma National Park entrance fee (60,000 VND per ticket, or 2.5 USD)
  • Opening hours: 24 hours, every day (We recommend only visiting before 5 PM.)

How To Get To Hai Vong Dai Peak?

Common ways to go to the Bach Ma Mountain peak are by private car, taxi, or motorcycle. While traveling by motorcycle is more exciting, private cars and taxis are safer options.

You can rent a motorbike or scooter for 150,000–200,000 VND/day to get to Hai Vong Dai Peak on your own. However, please ensure you are fit enough for a 40-kilometer ride and good at riding. Besides, you must know how to use Google Maps; otherwise, you might get lost.

Private car transfer to Bach Ma Summit Tower - Vietnam Vacation Travel
Private car transfer to Bach Ma Summit Tower – Vietnam Vacation Travel

On the other hand, you can visit Hai Vong Dai Peak Bach Ma National Park easily and safely with our private cars. We provide door-to-door transfers based on your request at a reasonable price.

An easier option is to book a Bach Ma National Park tour, where all transport, tour guide, and other services are included. All you need to do is get ready for a day trip to Vong Hai Dai Peak and other attractions. Check them out, as follows:

Hai Vong Dai Name Meaning

The name “Hai Vong Dai” combines three words reflecting its features. “Hai” means “sea”; “Vong” means “observation tower”; and “Dai” means “structure.” It shows the site’s function as a sea-watching tower. Obviously, its serving as a sea-view tower proves its favorable location on the Bach Ma mountaintop. That’s why the French chose this site to build an observation tower during their colonial period.

Hai Vong Dai Sea Watching Tower in Bach Ma Mountain - Vietnam Vacation Travel

In short, its name promises travelers incredible scenery, as if they are watchers overseeing all the seas and mountains of this area. Indeed, Hai Vong Dai Peak will fill your eyes with an overwhelming vision.

Folk Story About Hai Vong Dai Peak

The locals residing in the foothills have told a legend about Bach Ma National Park and Hai Vong Dai Peak. It’s believed that, once upon a time, fairies and immortals rode their white horses down to the Bach Ma Peak to play chess.

After long hours of thrilling chess matches, they decided to come back home. Yet, the Bach Ma grassland was so fresh that their white horses lost their way when finding grass to eat. As their horses didn’t come back, the fairies had to fly back by themselves.

The abandoned white horses wandered all around the mountain until they turned into white clouds covering Bach Ma Mountain. Interestingly, “Bach Ma Mountain” means white horse mountain in Vietnamese. Therefore, when visiting the Hai Vong Dai summit tower, you can relish an extensive, dreamlike space of white clouds floating around.

Hai Vong Dai Peak Bach Ma National Park - Vietnam Vacation Travel

What Is Special About Hai Vong Dai Peak?

Amazing Trekking To Bach Ma Peak

One of the best things to do in Hai Vong Dai in Bach Ma National Park is trekking through unspoiled jungles. Indeed, its rare beauty has captured many visitors to the Bach Ma Summit Tower.

Trekking to Hai Vong Dai Peak Bach Ma - Vietnam Vacation Travel
Trekking to Hai Vong Dai Peak Bach Ma – Vietnam Vacation Travel

Bach Ma National Park features a variety of trails for travelers to seize all of its natural merits. Among them, the trail to Hai Vong Dai sea-view tower is the easiest to access. Any age has a chance to get to this summit to embrace the miraculous scenes in Bach Ma.

The trekking path to Hai Vong Dai Peak treats people to an oil painting of Hue’s mountains and rivers. Besides a car ride, you can walk on the winding road to the peak, which offers better sights, a healthier atmosphere, and some sea taste.

Hai Vong Dai Peak Bach Ma National Park - Vietnam Vacation Travel

Iconic Constructions

In addition, Hai Vong Dai Peak accommodates several structures erected a long time ago during the French colony. Hikers will see the Peace Bell (Hoa Binh Bell), a turtle stele, white horse statues, and the Octagonal Pavilion.

In the past, the French explored Vietnam’s untouched lands, among which Bach Ma Peak in Hue caught their attention. Its unusual location encouraged them to build the Hai Vong Dai Sea Watching Tower.

Octagonal Pavilion at Bach Ma Summit - Vietnam Vacation Travel

Its main part is an exquisite palace called the Octagonal Pavilion. It nestles amidst the jungle but stands out for its delicate European-style construction. It boasts a unique octagonal shape, arched windows, marble-tiled walls, and other architectural details. And especially, everything was imbued with time footprints, creating a historical sense like an ancient palace.

Moreover, around the main tower are two white horse statues and a turtle stele. The pair of white horses stand solidly side by side like guardians, acting as an icon of Bach Ma Mountain.

Hai Vong Dai Peak White Horses - Vietnam Vacation Travel

Besides, you will see a sophisticated stele with a carving of the four Vietnamese words “Non Thiêng Bạch Mã,” which means the holy mountain of Bach Ma. It is supported by a big turtle and a stair base.

Hai Vong Dai Peak Bach Ma National Park - Vietnam Vacation Travel

Also, you will see a large bell called the Peace Bell. Its gray color and firm figure amidst the majestic setting of the mountain will echo the sacredness and tranquility in people’s hearts.

Hoa Binh Bell at Hai Vong Dai Peak - Vietnam Vacation Travel

Panoramic Views From The Top

After a long trek to the top of Bach Ma National Park, the stunning bird’s-eye scenery shows up as a reward. Standing from Hai Vong Dai Peak, travelers will grasp a glimpse of prominent attractions in Hue, such as Hai Van Pass, Lap An Lagoon, Cau Hai Lagoon, Lang Co Bay, etc.

Panoramic views from Hai Vong Dai Peak Bach Ma National Park - Vietnam Vacation Travel

At a height of roughly 1,500 meters, you can capture natural gifts with one glance: colossal emerald seas, gentle waves, white-sand beaches, lush forests, and especially beautiful clouds. Everything can pull stress out of your head and fill it with the peace of nature.

Nearby Attractions In Bach Ma National Park

Bach Ma National Park is a complex of natural destinations for visitors to explore. Hence, apart from Hai Vong Dai Peak, you shouldn’t miss out on other spots, such as Five Lakes, Do Quyen Waterfall, Truc Lam Zen Monastery, or even Bach Ma Village in the foothills.

The combination of other sightseeing points will perfectly fulfill your trip to Bach Ma Mountain. Refer to our suggestions as follows:

Five Lakes Trail

3 kilometers away from Hai Vong Dai Peak, the Five Lakes Trail, or Ngu Ho, won’t disappoint vacationers with its pristine beauty. It’s a 2-kilometer bumpy track linking five charming lakes. Located amid a primitive jungle, it offers hikers an impressive hike deeper into the mysterious forests.

Five Lakes Trail Bach Ma National Park - Vietnam Vacation Travel

Furthermore, the pure water at each lake is ideal for swimming. Unlike artificial pools in cities, these natural pools will bring to the table a completely different experience.

Do Quyen Waterfall

With a height of 300 meters, Do Quyen Waterfall has been the tallest waterfall in ASEAN so far. It’s silver and slender, pouring down the straight-up stone block like a soft stripe of silk. Its name, Do Quyen Waterfall, or Rhododendron Waterfall, originates from the kind of bloom that thrives at this place every spring.

Do Quyen Waterfall Bach Ma National Park - Vietnam Vacation Travel

Plus, there is a 689-step staircase to go down the waterfall’s base for those who want some adventure. Besides, a Do Quyen Waterfall canyoning tour is available for adventurers.

Truc Lam Zen Monastery

Truc Lam Bach Ma Zen Monastery is one of the famous religious sites in the ancient capital of Hue. Its sacred appearance contributes greatly to the heavenly vibes of Bach Ma National Park. The harmony between the holy monastery and the mysterious forested setting makes it a lure for many.

Truc Lam Bach Ma Zen Monastery - Vietnam Vacation Travel

It’s at the feet of Bach Ma Mountain, 30 kilometers away from Hai Vong Dai Peak, so you should drop by this place before reaching the summit tower. Vegetarian eateries are available around this site.

Bach Ma Village

18 kilometers from Hai Vong Dai Peak, Bach Ma Village is a unique theme park that opened to visitors 5 years ago. Its Hobbit Village concept takes advantage of natural surroundings and applies adorable structures, forming a tourist charm.

Bach Ma Village - Vietnam Vacation Travel

More importantly, its highlight is the waterfall sliding area, where you can slide into refreshing water and enjoy the pure natural pool. Plus, a restaurant with diverse local dishes and a camping area are available at this site. The Bach Ma Village entrance fee is 100,000 VND per person.

Travel Advice For Visitors

  • The best time to visit Hai Vong Dai Peak is from December to July. It tends to be mild and stable during this time, making it perfect for trekking and sightseeing.
  • Please follow the regulations set at Bach Ma Peak to avoid damaging the relics.
  • What to bring: sports shoes (or any non-slip hiking footwear), hiking poles, a light jacket (colder at the summit), hats, sunscreen, insect sprays, water, and snacks.
  • Comfortable clothes and light backpacks are recommended.
  • You should go in the early morning (before 10 AM) or late afternoon (2-4 PM) for the best views and natural lighting.
  • It’s a good idea to look over the local culture beforehand. Then, you can learn more during your trip.


A visit to Hai Vong Dai Peak in Bach Ma National Park gives holidaymakers a profound insight into Hue’s natural beauty and cultural values. It reveals a novel experience where people can savor a lovely harmony between nature and human beings.

With quintessential views and curious structures, Hai Vong Dai Peak is probably worth a try. Via this travel blog, Vietnam Vacation Travel hopes that you find it helpful for your journey to Hue and Vietnam. Thanks for reading.