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Hue imperial city is proudly a destination with many monuments in central Vietnam that are recognized World Cultural Heritage Sites. Therefore, to explore the complex of Hue monuments, you must buy a Hue entrance fee ticket. You can buy a single ticket or a combo ticket to explore all attractions.

Hue Imperial City Entrance Fee-Vietnam Vacation Travel

If this is the first time you have traveled to Hue city, Hue entrance fee monuments in 2024 are the newest updated information that is crucial for you. The Hue Citadel entrance fee for 2024 will have some significant adjustments compared to previous years.

Hue Entrance Fee Ticket-Vietnam Vacation Travel
Tomb of Ming Mang Emperor

Today, let’s learn more about the Hue Imperial City entrance fee through Vietnam Vacation Travel‘s article! You can get the best experience by booking our Hue tours, such as Hue City Private Tour 1 Day, Hue City Tour Half Day, Hue Imperial City Walking Tour, and Hue Royal Tombs Tour.

Hue Entrance Fee Ticket For Monuments

Hue Monuments Entrance Fee Table

Here’s an update of the Hue entrance fees for 2024 from the Hue Monuments Conservation Centre (HMCC):


The attraction, visit route

Hue entrance fee ticket (Both for international and Vietnamese tourists)

Adults Children
I. Attraction (Single ticket)
1 Hue Imperial Citadel 200,000 VND From 7 to 12 years old or 0.8 – 1.3m): 40,000 VND

Under 6 years old: free

2 Hue Museum of Royal Antiquities 50,000 VND Under 12 years old or 1.4m in height are free of charge.
3 Hue Royal tombs: Gia Long tomb, Minh Mang tomb, Tu Duc tomb, Khai Dinh tomb 150,000 VND From 7-12 years old: 30,000 VND

Under 6 years old: free

4 Dong Khanh tomb 100,000 VND Under 12 years old: free
5 Other royal tombs and monuments: Thieu Tri tomb, An Dinh Palace, Hon Chen temple, and Nam Giao Esplanade.
50,000 VND
Under 12 years old: free
II. Visit Route (Combo ticket) Adult Children (age: 7 – 12)
1 Minh Mang & Gia Long Tombs 240,000 VND 30,000 VND
2 Tu Duc & Dong Khanh Tombs 200,000 VND 30,000 VND
3 Hue Museum of Royal Antiquities & An Dinh Palace 80,000 VND Free
4 Hue Citadel – Minh Mang tomb – Khai Dinh Tomb 420,000 VND 80,000 VND
5 Hue Imperial Citadel – Minh Mang & Tu Duc tombs 420,000 VND 80,000 VND
6 Hue Imperial Citadel – Tu Duc tomb – Khai Dinh Tomb 420,000 VND 80,000 VND
7 Hue Imperial Citadel – tomb of Tu Duc, tomb of Minh Mang, Tomb of Khai Dinh 530,000 VND 100,000 VND
8 Combo ticket for visiting all of the attractions mentioned above 580,000 VND 110,000 VND
Hue Entrance Fee Ticket-Vietnam Vacation Travel
Tomb of Khai Dinh King

Important Notes For Hue Entrance Ticket

The expiry date for all tourist route tickets.

  • Combos 2 attractions are valid in 1 day.
  • Combos of 3 and 4 attractions are valid in 2 days.
  • Tickets for visiting all of the attractions mentioned above have 3-day validity.
  • Children under 6 years old are entirely free of charge to visit venues and venue routes in Hue.
  • Free entrance ticket to visit all Hue monuments on 3 days of the Tet Holiday (1st to 3rd Lunar New Year).
Hue Monuments Entrance Fee-Vietnam Vacation Travel
A structure in Tu Duc Tomb

Hue Entrance Fee For Other Tourist Attractions

Tourist attraction Entrance fee ticket
Bach Ma village Entrance fee

  • Adult: 100,000 VND/person
  • Children (1m – 1.3m): 60,000 VND/child
  • Children under 1m: free

Entrance & Camping fees

  • Adult: 300,000 VND/person
  • Children (1m – 1.3m): 150,000 VND/child
  • Children under 1m: free
Bach Ma National Park Adult: 60,000 VND/pax; 

Children (1m – 1.3m): 20,000 VND/child

Children under 1m: free

Truc Lam Bach Ma Zen monastery 60,000 VND/pax
Hue songs on the Perfume River (joint tour) 150,000 VND/adult/hour
Hue dragon boat tour on the Perfume River From 400,000 VND to 2,100,000 VND based on visiting routes
Huyen Tran princess temple 30,000 VND/pax
Alba Thanh Tan Hot springs From 180,000 VND/pax to 760,000 VND/pax depending on types of service
YesHue Eco-tourism area 150,000 VND/pax, children under 1 m3 are free of charge
Ecotourism Village Back to Source 100,000 VND/pax
An Hien garden house 35,000 VND/pax
Thanh Toan bridge tile farm tools display house 20,000 VND/pax
Nhi Ho waterfall 50,000 VND/pax
Elephant Springs 50,000 VND/pax
Anor Waterfall 10,000 VND/pax
Le Ba Dang souvenir space 120,000 VND/pax

Entrance fee for attractions in Hue DMZ Tour:

  • The ticket price for Vinh Moc tunnels and Ta Con airport: 50,000 VND

Hue Entrance Ticket-Vietnam Vacation Travel

Opening Time Of Hue Imperial Citadel

There will be different opening times in the summer and winter since the weather in Hue City fluctuates. The following are the opening times for Hue’s heritage sites so that you may visit them conveniently:

The daily opening hours of Hue Imperial City (Hue Citadel):

  • In the summer: from 06:30 AM to 5:30 PM
  • In the winter: from 07:00 AM to 5:00 PM
  • The time for selling tickets is from 7:00 AM to 5:30 PM daily.
Hue Royal Tomb Entrance Fee-Vietnam Vacation Travel
Gia Long Tomb – the first royal tomb of the Nguyen Dynasty

Different Ways To Explore Hue Vietnam

You can move by many means of transport, such as car, cyclo, or motorcycle, even bike, to get to the Imperial City Hue entrance. 

Hue Entrance Fee 2023-Vietnam Vacation Travel

Additionally, you can also take a dragon boat trip on the Perfume River to get there. Hence, you can contact the Dragon Boat Station (Toa Kham Wharf at 05 Le Loi Street, Hue City) or Vietnamvacation via WhatsApp at +84349825119.

If you want to know more about the value history and stories about Nguyen Dynasty emperors, we recommend you book Hue tours to explore fully.

Sightseeing Regulations Of Hue Monuments

Hue Citadel Entrance Fee-Vietnam Vacation Travel

Here are the regulations for visiting Hue’s heritage sites:

  • Before visiting historical places, you must buy an entry ticket. At the entrance, you are required to show your ticket.
  • Do not bring explosives, flammable materials, poisons, or weapons when visiting the complex of Hue monuments.
  • Wear polite costumes, no hat, and no out loud when entering the palaces and solemn places. Importantly, photography and videography are not permitted inside the palaces.
  • No smoking in tourist attractions, forests, or other potentially explosive situations.
  • No hunting birds, catching fish; no picking twigs or flowers, and no drawing on historical sites.
  • Do not sit, lie, or touch any artifacts.


In conclusion, learning more about the Hue entrance fee in 2024 is necessary when you travel to this “heritage land”. Through sharing in our article, hopefully, you have got yourself the latest information about the Imperial City Hue entrance fee ticket price.

Hue Monuments Entrance Fee-Vietnam Vacation Travel

Besides, you also know the entrance fees for other Hue attractions as well as regulations when visiting the Complex of Hue monuments. Thanks to that, you can plan the best Hue itinerary to explore. Vietnam Vacation Travel wishes you a wonderful stay in Hue ancient capital of Vietnam.

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