Kien Trung Palace Hue & All You Need To Know

Kien Trung Palace Hue- Vietnam Vacation Travel


Kien Trung Palace was built in 1921 and completed in 1923 under the reign of Khai Dinh Emperor. It is one of five important monuments located on the heart axis of the Forbidden City along with Thai Hoa Palace, Can Chanh Palace, Can Thanh Palace, and Khon Thai Palace.

Kien Trung Palace- Vietnam Vacation Travel

In 1947, due to the war, the building collapsed completely, leaving only the foundation. From a dilapidated building, after 4 years of construction based on documents, the Hue Monuments Conservation Center restored Kien Trung Palace.

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Kien Trung Palace History

Kien Trung Palace is located in the Forbidden City, built by Khai Dinh Emperor in 1921 and it took 3 years to complete. This is the Emperor’s main residence inside the Forbidden City.

Kien Trung Palace- Vietnam Vacation Travel

Kien Trung Palace Hue is an extremely unique building inside the royal palace, with French, Italian, and traditional Vietnamese architectural features. Unfortunately, this palace was destroyed by war in 1947.

During the reign of the Bao Dai Emperor, the palace became the private residence for the entire Emperor’s family. After the success of the August Revolution, on August 29, 1945, Kien Trung Palace was where the Bao Dai Emperor met with the Provisional Revolution of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam to discuss abdicating the throne and handing over the right to run the country to the Government.

Kien Trung Palace After Restoration

In 2019, the Hue Monuments Conservation Center launched the project to restore Kien Trung Palace, with a total cost of more than 123 billion VND. After 5 years of restoration, this attraction is now completed and open to welcome the first guests to visit this Lunar New Year of 2024.

Kien Trung Palace- Vietnam Vacation Travel

The project includes items to reinforce and restore walls, railing systems, campus yards including front and back yards, and steps ways. Renovation and restoration of Kien Trung Tower, the 2nd floor with a height of about 14m, construction area of about 975m2.

Kien Trung Palace Hue- Vietnam Vacation Travel
Kien Trung Palace Hue- Vietnam Vacation Travel

In addition, the project also renovates surrounding small structures such as brick pedestals, fountains, cannons, guard houses, and green tree systems and preserves the foundations of Dong Cung Lau, Royal Library, and Imperial bedrooms.

Kien Trung Palace Opening Hours & Entrance Fee

This beautiful palace is located inside the complex of Hue Imperial City so the entrance fee and opening hours stick with the Hue Imperial Citadel. To admire it, you have to buy a Hue Imperial Citadel ticket which costs 200,000 VND/ person and you can spend time with it from 7 am to 5 pm.

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With this entrance ticket, you will not only have a chance to visit Kien Trung Palace but also all the attractions in Hue Imperial Citadel such as Nine Holy Cannons, Hue Flag Tower, Ngo Mon Gate, Thai Hoa Palace, Hue Royal Family Temple, Truong Sanh Residence, Hue Royal Garden, Duyet Thi Duong Theater, etc.

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It’s Special Architectural Feature

Palace’s Exterior

The palace is a fusion of styles between Asia and Europe, including French architecture, Italian Renaissance architecture, and traditional Vietnamese architecture. The highlight is the art of porcelain mosaics with decorative patterns. The door system is brightly painted with red and yellow tones, the symbol of richness and prosperity.

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The Palace Roof Decoration

This palace’s roof is covered with flat tiles and the entire top is glazed with yellow enamel. The dragon statue is located on the roof of the palace inlaid with porcelain.

Kien Trung Palace- Vietnam Vacation Travel

The 5-claw dragon motif (symbolizing the power of the Nguyen Dynasty Emperor) is inlaid with porcelain on the palace wall. The door is painted bright red, and both sides of the door frame are inlaid with sunflowers and lotus flowers.

Kien Trung Palace- Vietnam Vacation Travel

The system of Vietnamese unicorns on the front of Kien Trung palace is also inlaid with porcelain according to images and documents preserved by the French.

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The original dragon system of the ancient Kien Trung palace is kept intact.

Palace’s Interior

Inside Kien Trung Palace, there are many similarities with An Dinh Palace. Many artifacts from the reigns of Emperor Khai Dinh and Bao Dai are displayed here by the Hue Monuments Conservation Center.

Kien Trung Palace- Vietnam Vacation Travel

The area behind the palace displays artifacts associated with the Khai Dinh Emperor.

Travel Thoughts

You should wear Ao Dai (Vietnamese Traditional Dresses) or you can rent royal clothes at Huu Vu (Civil Servant Palace) in Hue Forbidden City to capture photos at Kien Trung Palace as well as the other attractions in Hue Imperial City.

You should combine visiting Kien Trung Palace in Hue Imperial Citadel Complex with other famous attractions such as Minh Mang Tomb, Khai Dinh Tomb, Thien Mu Pagoda, Perfume River, etc by booking Vietnam Vacation Travel‘s Hue City Group Tour, Hue City Private Tour.