Lao Bao Border- Laos Border For Visa Run

Lao Bao Border - Vietnam Vacation Travel

Lao Bao Border Introduction

Known as an international border between Vietnam and Laos, the Lao Bao Border is one of the most important economic border gates in the S-shaped country. Moreover, it plays a key role in developing the East-West Economic Corridor – EWEC and foreigners can get a Visa Run to Lao Bao here.

Today, Vietnam Vacation Travel would like to introduce the Lao Bao Border- Laos Border For Visa Run to you. So, let’s find out together.


Where is Laos Border located? In Vietnam, Lao Bao – Dansavanh Border Crossing, is situated in Lao Bao Town, Huong Hoa District, Quang Tri Province.

Lao Bao Border - Vietnam Vacation Travel

In Lao, the Lao Bao Border Gate trades with the Den Savanh border gate in the Seponh district, Savannakhet province of Laos, situated next to the Sepon River. This is the final point at 49 Highway at 84 kilometers.

How To Get To Lao Bao Border?

There are a lot of ways to get to the Lao Bao Border such as by car, motorbike, or bus. If you are at locations near Lao Bao like Danang or Hoi An, the best way is to book a private car for safety and convenience.

By Private Car

According to your current location, the distance and duration time will be different. When you are in Danang City, the Danang-Lao Bao Border distance is about 243 kilometers, which takes more than 4 hours to transfer to the border by private cars.

Also, we have to spend about 5 hours to get to Laos Border by private car from Hoi An with a 277-kilometer route. Plus, Lao Bao Border Crossing is very convenient to transfer from Savannakhet to Laos to Hue in Vietnam.

  • Hue – Danang – Hoi An to Lao Bao Border map:

Why should we book a private car instead of other means of transport? There are several reasons. First, when booking a private car, you will receive a high-quality service with an English-speaking driver. Second, this is a private service, so you will have privacy and not be worried about limited space.

Lao Bao Border - Vietnam Vacation Travel

As a door-to-door service, we highly recommend you book our private car transfer that can meet your needs. Especially, you also have the privilege to ask the driver to stop by some destinations along the way for beautiful photos. Please refer to our private car to Lao Bao Border services

Local Public Bus

Da Nang to Lao Bao bus is a good method for you to get to the border and save money because the ticket price is not expensive. Moreover, taking a bus to get to Laos Border from Danang or Hoi An is also convenient for people and it is quite easy.

Lao Bao Border - Vietnam Vacation Travel

However, it will be time-consuming if you do not take a direct bus ticket to Lao Bao. If not, instead of 6 hours from Danang to Lao Bao Border by bus, the time will take longer because the buses tend to stop by some villages along the 540-kilometer route.

If you feel it is quite complicated, you can grab a ticket on an express bus that travels straight to Dong Ha. After that, let’s get on a local shuttle to the Lao Bao Checkpoint!

By Motorbikes

Another option for you, especially backpackers, is to rent motorbikes and drive them to the Lao Bao Border. This is a great way to admire the beauty of Mother Nature such as Hai Van Pass with the green forest and mountains.

Lao Bao Border - Vietnam Vacation Travel

The distance for a round trip is about 540 kilometers, so it will take nearly 8 hours to drive a motorbike to get to Laos Border. So, it will be quite dangerous and require a good physical condition to endure the weather like the high temperature or the rain.

How To Do Vietnam Visa Run To Laos?

What To Prepare?

So, what do you need to cross the Lao Bao Border? Before starting your Vietnam visa run to Laos, you should prepare some administrative documents. Here is the list of things you should prepare for:

  • An approval letter: this letter is used to apply for a visa. If you do not know how to get it, let’s contact a visa agency.
  • Visa application forms: After you finish your approval letter, you need complete Vietnamese and Laotian application forms. You can download it via this link: Vietnamese application form. Another way is to get to the Laos Border and ask the office for the form. They will provide you with both Vietnamese and Laotian application forms.
  • Two passport photos (4 x 6 cm (standard Vietnam photography size) or 2 x 2 inches)

Moreover, do not forget to bring the money to pay the costs for a Lao visa ($35 or nearly VND 1,000,000) and a Vietnam visa (vary, including service fee and government fee).

Process To Do A Vietnam Visa Run To Laos

After you ensure that you already prepare all the essential documents, let’s get ready to do a Vietnam Visa Run to Laos!

The process you have to overcome will be quite harsh and tiring. However, nothing is impossible. You just need to follow the right step-by-step below:

  • First, let’s get to the buildings on the Lao side, across the border and Vietnamese border buildings. Then, you need to visit the Vietnam Exit Stamp counter and get the exit stamp from the window. There will be one who is wearing a dark green uniform and will provide you with stamps.
  • Get to the entrance of the building’s first chamber on the left and ask for the Laos visa application form! After you get the forms, let’s fill out them first!

Lao Bao Border - Vietnam Vacation Travel

  • Give your documentary including your completed application, 4×6 photo, and passport to the Lao immigration official! They will check your documents and ask you for payment after done.
  • When you leave the room, you should turn left and receive your Lao Entrance Stamp from the “Entrance Formalities” window.
  • Then, you have to across the border and get back to the Vietnamese-side buildings. From the window with the border guard and get your Lao Exit Stamp.
  • Let’s visit the Vietnamese immigration official and apply your documents including the completed application, photo, and passport and then pay the fee.
  • After that, you should visit your Vietnam Entrance Stamp and get your Lao Exit Stamp from a different staff.
  • Finally, you can get ready to depart and be free to travel after you finish your  Vietnam Visa Run To Laos and get a new visa and entrance stamp!

Lao Bao Boders – Top Things To Do

Discover Nearby Attractions

When you travel to the Lao Bao Border, there are some tourist attractions along the way for you to discover such as Dakrong Suspension Bridge, Klu Mountain, Ta Lung Mountain, Klu Hot Spring, Van Kieu Village, etc.

Lao Bao Border - Vietnam Vacation Travel

Furthermore, if you have a chance, you can stop by the Dakrong intersection and explore Truong Son Road. Also, if you have time, you can come by Khe Sanh Combat Base – A historical place in the Vietnam War.

Especially, near Lao Bao, there is a beautiful beach called Cua Tung Beach. It will be great if you can spend time visiting the beach and admire the natural landscapes of the sea.

Go Shopping At Lao Bao Border

In Lao Bao, you will be surprised because there is a big shopping center with more than over 300 stalls. Especially, you can buy a lot of products without tax-free shopping. You can look for different stuff like cookers, rice, or soaps,… or luxury items such as gold or silver.

Lao Bao Border - Vietnam Vacation Travel

Additionally, tourists often care about cosmetic products and gems. So, do not miss a boat to visit the shopping center in Lao Bao and buy some incredible things here!

Enjoy Tasy Foods In Lao Bao

If you are hungry during the journey, you can stop for minutes to taste delicious food here. Lao Bao is famous for grilled buffalo meat in Trơng leaves, grilled mountain goat, and forest chicken mixed with lime leaves.

Lao Bao Border - Vietnam Vacation Travel

Tourists normally visit places near the international trade center, and hotels in Sepon, Hoa Binh, Vietnam-Laos border because there are different delectable dishes for them to try.

Travel Tips

No need to change the Lao currency if you only stop by the Lao Bao Border for a visa and have to intend to travel to the Lao. Nevertheless, if you plan to visit Lao, you can change the currency to Thai bath or USA. It is quite easy to do it because the exchange service is popular here.

Lao Bao Border - Vietnam Vacation Travel

Plus, if you would like to withdraw cash, you can get to ATMs of Sacombank and Agribank in Khe Sanh town. Or in Lao Bao, there are also Agribank ATMs.

Finally, let’s find a Vietnamese phone network provider in case you need to use a phone SIM. In contrast, for about VND 40.000, you can buy a Laos phone SIM if you want to travel to Lao.


In conclusion, we have just introduced to you the Lao Bao Border- Laos Border for a visa run. Vietnam Vacation Travel hopes that you will have a good trip and be successful to get your new visa.