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Monkey Mountain, also known as Son Tra Peninsula or Son Tra Mountain, has an endless attraction for travelers thanks to its diverse nature and exciting destinations. Unspoiled mountains, beaches, and forests in Monkey Mountain Da Nang raise curiosity in many hearts.

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People whisper about the tallest Buddha Statue, Chessboard Peak, Thousands Year Banyan Tree, and other exotic names. Almost every visitor to Da Nang is thrilled to witness those wonders firsthand.

If you are in the same mood, let’s discover Son Tra Mountain with Vietnam Vacation Travel! We would like to provide the most detailed information about exquisite spots and amazing activities on Monkey Mountain Vietnam.

Da Nang Monkey Mountain - Vietnam Vacation Travel

Monkey Mountain Location

So where is Monkey Mountain in Vietnam? We will find out about Son Tra Mountain’s location in Da Nang, Vietnam.

Monkey Mountain Da Nang address: Tho Quang Ward, Son Tra District, Da Nang City

Monkey Mountain is a massive mountain with an area of 4,439 hectares and a height of 696 meters above sea level. It is 10 kilometers away from Da Nang city center to the northeast. 3 out of 4 sides of Monkey Mountain face the sea, and only one side faces the land.

Together with Hai Van Pass, Son Tra Peninsula embraces Da Nang City and its bay. Prominent amid the sea, the beautiful suspension bridge of Thuan Phuoc connects the city and Monkey Mountain.

Take a look at the Monkey Mountain Da Nang map below to get a better view of this landscape:

How To Get To Monkey Mountain Danang?

As a popular attraction in Da Nang, Monkey Mountain was invested in a good road. Hence, it’s easy to reach Monkey Mountain from any spot in the city, whether from the beaches or the city center.

The route to Son Tra Mountain is suitable for various means of transportation. You can go by scooters or motorcycles on your own, or get available transfer services such as Grab bikes, taxis, or private cars.

How To Visit Son Tra Mountain - Vietnam Vacation Travel

If you choose a motorcycle, you are free to stop at any point on the way, but you have to be a good rider for such a dangerous route up to the mountain. This way is suitable for young people who love adventures and challenges.

Otherwise, although a taxi ride is more comfortable, it is the least convenient way. Taxi drivers can only take you to a particular point; they do not follow your visit.

Another choice with more comfort and flexibility is a private car. By booking a private car, you can ask to stop at any spot you want while enjoying the comfortable seats. Plus, the private drivers are familiar with the route to Son Tra Mountain, so you can leave everything to them and start enjoying your visit.

You can consider some private car services to Monkey Mountain Danang below:

Or you can choose a Monkey Mountain Da Nang tour, which gives you the best experience around Son Tra Mountain Danang. See some suggestions below:

Monkey Mountain History

In ancient days, Monkey Mountain was located on an island formed by three mountains. The seawater gradually gathered alluvium, which created a stripe connecting the island and the land. This became the Son Tra Peninsula.

Monkey Mountain Da Nang - Vietnam Vacation Travel

It has three sides facing the sea and one side facing the city. Its perfect vantage point and geography make it an important witness to history. Even in the Nguyen Dynasty, Son Tra was chosen to build a fortress to defend and control the sea.

And until 1858, the French army chose Son Tra as the starting point to attack Vietnam. Later, it witnessed the ups and downs of Vietnam during a century-long battle. It has recorded important milestones in Vietnamese history.

Nowadays, when peace settles in Vietnam, Son Tra continues to be a beautiful part of the city and the nation. It is still an important military point and now promotes itself as a tourist attraction, contributing to economic and social development.

Son Tra Peninsula - Vietnam Vacation Travel

Top Things To See On Monkey Mountain

Diverse Nature

The name “Monkey Mountain” evokes the diversity of its fauna and flora. Da Nang Monkey Mountain is home to 298 plants and over 200 rare animals listed in Vietnam’s Red Data Book.

With an area of 60 square kilometers, Monkey Mountain Vietnam accommodates 271 genera, 90 families, 64 large woody plants, 107 valuable herbs, and many wild orchid species. Its flora system, from common to precious species, flourishes all year round. It never fails to impress visitors with wildflowers, fruit trees, and majestic banyans with unique shapes.

Da Nang Son Tra Mountain - Vietnam Vacation Travel

Besides the abundant flora, Monkey Mountain has a vibrant fauna of over 200 species. Some rare species living here are the rhesus monkey, Germain’s peacock-pheasant, reticulated python, and so on. On top of that, it is native to 300 individuals of the endangered red-shanked douc langur, an endemism species of the Indochine region.

Red-shanked Douc Langurs on Monkey Mountain - Vietnam Vacation Travel

When visiting Monkey Mountain, you will feel as if you are lost in a jungle of lush nature. Its unspoiled beauty gives a sense of coming back to Mother Nature. A fresh atmosphere, stunning seas, and magnificent forests will fascinate your soul.

Beautiful Beaches

On the way up to Monkey Mountain Da Nang, you probably can’t help but be amazed by the gorgeous beaches. If you are fed up with crowded beaches, these primitive seas will stir you up with their pure beauty. Let’s check out some beaches that many people have been curious about!

But Beach (Bai But)

But Beach Da Nang is situated amid a strait whose surroundings are blue seas and deep-green forests. You can zoom out on this beach when standing at Linh Ung Bai But Pagoda. That’s why the pagoda has “Bai But” in its name.

Bai But Beach nestles amid a massive jungle, appears like a sacred place, and embellishes the Linh Ung Pagoda. You will astonish at the large space, white sand, and sunny beach. Meanwhile, you can also take part in some activities such as swimming, camping, holding BBQ parties, surfing, paragliding, or scuba diving.

Bai But Da Nang - But Beach Son Tra - Vietnam Vacation Travel

Black Rock Beach (Bai Da Den)

4 kilometers away from Linh Ung Pagoda appears a Black Rock Beach Da Nang with layers of black rocks piling up, creating unique views. You will love its gentle waves and crystal-clear water, contrary to the black rocks. If you love to admire unspoiled nature, you should drop by this spot.

There are some small huts to take a break and some bridges from which you can easily take pictures of the surroundings. Besides, you can join games such as riding water motors, surfing, or riding canoes.

Black Rock Beach - Bai Da Den Da Nang - Vietnam Vacation Travel

North Beach (Bai Bac)

Another pure beach with stunning nature is North Beach, or Bai Bac Da Nang, located in the northeastern part of the Son Tra Peninsula. Its good position gives it advantages for tourism.

When you visit this beach in November or December, you can admire an amazing view of myriad seaweed attached to huge rocks.

Bai Bac Da Nang - North Beach - Vietnam Vacation Travel

South Beach (Bai Nam)

Bai Nam Da Nang is among the best beaches on the Son Tra Peninsula. It is located right on Hoang Sa Street, 3-4 kilometers away from My Khe Beach. It has clean water, beautiful surroundings, and splendid coral reefs.

This beach can offer the best coral reefs for people who love to see coral. You can experience good activities here, such as scuba diving for coral sightseeing, swimming, or camping.

Bai Nam Danang - South Beach - Vietnam Vacation Travel

Tien Sa Beach

You might not want to miss Tien Sa Beach Da Nang which is famous for its white sand and tranquil atmosphere. It is set between two sides of a canyon, separated from the outside world. Tien Sa impresses tourists at first sight with its elegant curves and emerald seawater.

Tien Sa Beach Da Nang - Vietnam Vacation Travel

An interesting legend about this beach is that fairies from above chose it to swim on thanks to its fantastic beauty. Its name “Tien Sa” also means “descending fairies”. It is like a gift that heaven has given to Da Nang City.

Similarly to other beaches on the Son Tra Peninsula, you can enjoy exciting entertainment such as water motor riding, scuba diving, and camping.

Rang Beach (Bai Rang)

Among so many options, Bai Rang Da Nang is a charming choice for beach lovers. Nature bestows Rang Beach an unspoiled beauty, with undulating rocks spreading along the golden coast and sparkling seawater.

Separated from the busy city out there, visitors to Bai Rang can immerse themselves in nature, relax from their daily stress, and befriend the immense seas. Scuba diving, camping, swimming, and other activities are also held on this beach.

Bai Rang Danang - Rang Beach - Vietnam Vacation Travel

Ghenh Bang Beach

If you want something more adventurous and deserted, Ghenh Bang Beach will satisfy you. Because people have to pass through a 1-kilometer jungle trek to reach Ghenh Bang, quite a few people choose to visit this place.

Although it’s not easy to access, it gives travelers absolutely spectacular scenery as a bigger reward. Its coastal line stretches about 2 kilometers, surrounded by numerous rocks of different shapes. White waves, an endless sky, and luxuriant plants will make you feel as if you’re lost in another world.

Ghenh Bang Da Nang - Vietnam Vacation Travel

Mui Nghe

To end the list of beautiful beaches in Da Nang, we mention Mui Nghe, the most deserted scenic spot of them all. It is the best place to watch the sunrise in Da Nang, but travelers have to overcome a challenging route through jungles.

Therefore, Mui Nghe Da Nang is always on the bucket list of backpackers and adventurers. The best trip for them is to go through the dangers of the jungle and get their priceless reward from nature at dawn.

Mui Nghe Danang - Vietnam Vacation Travel

Linh Ung Bai But Pagoda

Linh Ung Bai But Pagoda is the most impressive pagoda among the three Linh Ung Pagodas in Da Nang. Situated at a height of 693 meters above sea level, it embraces a poetic panorama of the peninsula, giving sacredness and majesty to this Buddhist construction.

Linh Ung Bai But Pagoda - Vietnam Vacation Travel

Even from afar, Linh Ung Bai But Pagoda is prominent thanks to its 67-meter Lady Buddha Statue. This now holds the record for the tallest statue in Vietnam. The magnificent Lady Buddha faces the sea and listens to people’s prayers about a blessed life.

Lady Buddha Statue Da Nang - Vietnam Vacation Travel

When you come to Monkey Mountain Da Nang Vietnam, you should drop by this pagoda. It will impress you with gorgeous views, a tranquil atmosphere, and unique architecture.

Dong Dinh Museum

Dong Dinh Art Museum, or the Garden of Memories, is an architectural space imbued with cultural, historical, and artistic depth. More interestingly, the aesthetic beauty blends with the refreshing nature, creating excellent harmony.

Dong Dinh Art Museum Da Nang - Vietnam Vacation Travel

When you visit Dong Dinh Museum, you can enjoy both natural and man-made artistic artworks. The diverse ecosystem is not destroyed because of the construction but continues to develop harmoniously with it.

In Dong Dinh Museum’s space, you will see natural sights, unique architecture, a fishing village, valuable antiques, Vietnamese artists’ artworks, and so on. Thereby, Dong Dinh Museum promises to give visitors relaxation and satisfaction.

Dong Dinh Museum - Vietnam Vacation Travel

Son Tra Tinh Vien

Accommodating over a hundred bamboo species, Tinh Vien Son Tra is considered a bamboo conservation area in Da Nang. It includes a third of the bamboo species in Vietnam, especially rare and endangered ones.

As a bamboo reserve, Son Tra Tinh Vien Da Nang has a refreshing green space of small streams, melodious birds, and pleasant breezes. Away from busy cities, visitors to Son Tra Tinh Vien will feel calm and at ease.

Son Tra Tinh Vien Da Nang - Vietnam Vacation Travel

A bamboo tree has become a typical image attached to Vietnam for a very long time, especially in the rustic and simple countryside. It becomes a familiar image for many Vietnamese generations. Coming to Tinh Vien Son Tra, you will experience firsthand the soul of Vietnam.

Tinh Vien Son Tra - Vietnam Vacation Travel

Ban Co Peak

Ban Co Peak Da Nang, or Chessboard Peak, is a magnificent scenic spot in Monkey Mountain Vietnam. It gives visitors a sense of heaven with a height of 700 meters above the sea. Standing on Ban Co Peak, a whole Da Nang appears in front of your eyes.

Ban Co Peak Da Nang - Vietnam Vacation Travel

Another highlight of this peak is the big statue of a fairy playing chess alone. He is attached to an interesting folk story about two fairies playing chess, one of whom lost the game because he was distracted by pretty fairies swimming on the beach below. Indeed, from Ban Co Peak, you can see stunning Tien Sa Beach (descending fairies), where the pretty fairies in the story swam.

Many visitors come to Ban Co Peak to experience a sense of standing amid the clouds. An abundant forest behind, a shimmering beach below, and a boundless sky above make this spot so worth visiting.

Chessboard Peak - Vietnam Vacation Travel

Son Tra Radar Station

Thanks to its impressive position of 621 meters above the sea, Son Tra Radar Station is also called “Indochina’s God Eye”. From afar, you can easily recognize it with its three huge white balls, like big eyes, amid vast mountains.

Radar Station on Monkey Mountain Da Nang - Vietnam Vacation Travel

Because these eyes’ duty is to control the sky above the Gulf of Tonkin, Laos, and Campuchia, you can zoom out on an unbelievable landscape from their position. It provides breathtaking views of immense jungles, boundless seas, and fresh air.

Son Tra Radar Station - Vietnam Vacation Travel

When visiting Son Tra Radar Station, don’t forget to see Son Tra View Tower, Da Nang Helicopter Pad, and Vong Canh House.

Vong Canh House

Situated on a sticking-out point of a cliff, Vong Canh House Da Nang attracts tourists with panoramic views. If you need somewhere to take a break before continuing to discover Monkey Mountain, Vong Canh House is a good choice. At its position, you can see Pearl Island (Dao Ngoc), Son Tra Radar Station, Hai Van Pass, and even Lang Co Beach.

Vong Canh House Da Nang - Vietnam Vacation Travel

Thousands Year Banyan Tree

Monkey Mountain, or Son Tra Peninsula, is so famous for its diverse ecosystem that it is called the “priceless green land” of Da Nang. And Thousands Year Banyan Tree is a prominent embodiment.

Thousands Year Banyan Tree Da Nang - Vietnam Vacation Travel

The great longevity and majestic appearance make it so special. This banyan tree has been estimated to be over 800 years old since its first recognition. With a circumference of 10 meters, 26 25-meter side roots, and a giant canopy, it looks like a masterpiece of nature.

You can drop by the one-thousand-year banyan tree to take a picture, rest for a while, and meet this veteran fellow of Da Nang City.

Thousands Year Banyan Tree - Vietnam Vacation Travel

Tien Sa Lighthouse

Tien Sa Lighthouse, also known as Son Tra Lighthouse, is among the oldest and most beautiful lighthouses in Vietnam. Because it was erected in the 1950s by the French, it is imbued with unique and impressive French architecture.

Son Tra Lighthouse on Monkey Mountain Da Nang - Vietnam Vacation Travel

Situated 223 meters above sea level, this is an ideal spot to catch a panorama of Monkey Mountain and Da Nang City. Tien Sa Lighthouse will probably leave you with a once-in-a-lifetime experience with its breathtaking views!

Tien Sa Lighthouse Danang - Vietnam Vacation Travel

Monkey Mountain Travel Tips

Monkey Mountain Da Nang Entrance Fee

Almost every site in Da Nang Monkey Mountain is free of charge. If there is a parking lot, they usually charge you 10,000 VND/vehicle. Besides, there are some sites with entrance fees, such as:

  • Tien Sa Port: 25,000 VND (including parking fee)
  • Tien Sa Lighthouse: 20,000 VND/person
  • Dong Dinh Museum: 150.000VND/person (including a drink)

Refer to Da Nang Entrance Fee for more information about other attractions in Da Nang.

Best Time To Visit Monkey Mountain

Monkey Mountain is cool all year round, but it is influenced by Da Nang’s weather. Hence, it has two separate seasons: the dry season (from March to August) and the wet season (from September to February).

The dry seasons usually have sunny days with little or no rain at all. It will be easier and more convenient to discover Da Nang Monkey Mountain from March to August. And if you want to see the Son Tra monkeys, you should go in the early morning (from 6 to 9 AM) or late afternoon (4 to 6 PM). The monkeys usually find their food during these times when it’s cool and not too hot.

Monkey Mountain Da Nang - Vietnam Vacation Travel

Heavy rain usually comes in the wet seasons. Hence, places with difficult routes, such as Ban Co Peak, Son Tra Radar Station, or Tien Sa Lighthouse, will become terribly dangerous on rainy days. Also, floods and storms usually occur during this time, especially in October and November.

Entertainment Activities On Monkey Mountain

Scuba Diving For Coral Sightseeing

Along the beaches at the foot of Da Nang Monkey Mountain, there are scuba diving tours for tourists to watch beautiful coral reefs. As wonderful as the Cham Islands in Hoi An are, coral scuba diving attracts numerous visitors to Da Nang.

Scuba Diving Da Nang - Vietnam Vacation Travel

By joining scuba diving tours, you are equipped with modern diving equipment and clothes. Also, if you’ve never done this before, the experts will give you quick training to make sure anyone can go diving. Besides, the tours include not only scuba diving but also canoeing and a seafood meal. Your trip to Monkey Mountain Da Nang will be fulfilled thanks to this enjoyable activity with the ocean!

Da Nang Coral Reefs - Vietnam Vacation Travel


The immense but safe sea in Son Tra is perfect for paragliding. This is a risky but addictive game for adventure lovers. You will fly high in the sky at a height of 600 meters. Your ears are filled with strong winds, and your eyes are satisfied with the beautiful landscape. This promises to be an unforgettable experience in your life!

Mind you, an expert companion will go with you during the game. So don’t worry about safety; enjoy your trip.

Paragliding on Monkey Mountain Da Nang - Vietnam Vacation Travel

What To Eat On Monkey Mountain?

Delicious Seafood

Monkey Mountain Da Nang is surrounded by seas, so seafood becomes a must-try specialty. You can buy fresh seafood at local fish markets and cook it yourself while camping on the beach.

If you don’t want to cook, you can easily find seafood restaurants on many streets around Son Tra. Thanks to the abundant source, Son Tra seafood is always varied, fresh, delicious, and available at reasonable prices.

Tho Quang Fish Market Da Nang - Vietnam Vacation Travel

Mountain Specialties

With its diverse ecosystem, Monkey Mountain also treats visitors to its tasty specialties in the forests. Meats and vegetables nourished by the luxuriant mountain make good dishes.

Wild chickens, hares, or pigs are cooked by skilled local cooks with special spices. Together with wild vegetables, which naturally develop and are full of nutrients, you will have a perfect meal.

Specialties on Monkey Mountain Da Nang - Vietnam Vacation Travel

Coconut Liquor

Coconut liquor is a specialty drink in Son Tra. Glutinous rice is mixed with yeast in a ripe coconut, creating an aromatic liquor. Drinking coconut liquor while enjoying a local specialty meal is a fantastic experience. This liquor is perfect when served with wild meats.

Coconut Liquor Specialty Drink Da Nang - Vietnam Vacation Travel

What To Bring?

  • Long-sleeved clothes to avoid sunburn
  • Hats or umbrellas
  • Sun cream
  • Beverages and snacks to get energy

Useful Notes

  • Do not feed Son Tra monkeys and other animals. They are wild species with their own habits, so changing their habits, especially eating habits, is harmful to them.
  • You should wear long-sleeved clothes and apply sun cream because you will be mainly outdoors on the Monkey Mountain visit.
  • As Linh Ung Bai But Pagoda is a sacred and solemn place, you should wear polite and less revealing clothes.
  • If you choose to go by motorcycle, you should check everything, from brakes and tires to gasoline and other things, well before traveling. The routes in Son Tra are steep but have no petrol stations or garages.
  • The route from Thousands Year Banyan Tree to Ban Co Peak does not allow scooters (automatic transmission). Therefore, you should choose manual motorcycles with strong engines to travel on this route.


Mother Nature bestowed on Monkey Mountain Da Nang and Son Tra Peninsula a diverse ecosystem, a stunning landscape, and abundant natural sights. It remains a charming and curious place for many visitors to Da Nang. Don’t hesitate to put Monkey Mountain Da Nang on your bucket list!

Vietnam Vacation Travel hopes that our blog gives you what you need for the trip to Monkey Mountain in Da Nang, Vietnam. Thanks for reading!