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When it comes to visiting My Son, most people are concerned about the My Son Sanctuary entrance fee. So for those wondering the same thing, Vietnam Vacation Travel would like to provide you with some information about My Son Sanctuary.

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My Son Sanctuary Overview


My Son Sanctuary is in Duy Phu commune, Duy Xuyen district, Quang Nam Province. It is situated beautifully in the valley, surrounded by the Quang Nam mountains.

The Hoi An to My Son Sanctuary distance is 60 kilometers, and it is 69 kilometers away from Da Nang. Take a look at the My Son Sanctuary map below:


My Son Sanctuary history started in the fourth century, under the reign of Bhadravarman, the king of the Champa Kingdom.

Until the fourteenth century, My Son became an architectural complex of over 70 monuments imbued with the typical styles and designs of the Champa Kingdom. Back then, it was a site for worship activities and tombs of the ancient Champa Kings.

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Not until 1885 was this relic site discovered, but it was gradually forgotten for over a decade. In 1898, however, a Frenchman and his colleagues found this ancient relic hidden in a forest valley, between two massive mountains.

Over time, with the ups and downs of the country, especially the wars, My Son Sanctuary was severely damaged by the bombing raids. In 1975, there were only 32 monuments left with the original architectural features.

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On the first of December 1999, My Son Sanctuary received official recognition as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site.

Nowadays, My Son Sanctuary has become a renowned historical heritage site in Quang Nam Province, attracting a massive number of tourists. This historically significant site is a must-see for visitors to Quang Nam.

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My Son Sanctuary architecture got a noticeable influence from India but retained the uniqueness of Cham culture.

Its architecture has six typical styles of ancient architecture, Hoa Lai, My Son, Ponagar, Dong Duong, and Binh Dinh. The features of these architectural styles reflect in stone carvings and statues of Siva and Cham dancers.

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Moreover, many important Sanskrit and Cham inscriptions were intricately carved on most temples in My Son Holyland.

Most interestingly, the bricks and methods used to build the ancient monuments in My Son Sanctuary are very special. The bricks, after being fired and cut into blocks, were cleverly stacked without any binders. This has prevented My Son Sanctuary from being weather-beaten and left only small cracks.

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My Son Sanctuary Entrance Fee

My Son Sanctuary ticket price is 150,000 VND (about 6,5 USD). It opens every day from 6:30 to 17:30.

My Son Sanctuary Entrance Fee 2023 - Vietnam Vacation Travel
My Son Sanctuary Entrance Ticket

This My Son Sanctuary admission fee mainly aims at the site’s preservation and providing good-quality services for visitors. With this fee, you can have the best experience at My Son.

It includes an unlimited visit to My Son Sanctuary and a 2-way electric car transfer from the entrance to the sanctuary. You may find the electric car convenient, especially on hot days when you have to walk in the heat and humidity.

You may be interested in our Hoi An Tours, Da Nang Private Car to explore My Son Holyland such as

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Moreover, you can enjoy the Apsara dance re-enacted by local artists. It used to be the royal dance of the ancient Champa Kingdom that was only performed in royal God-worship ceremonies.

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However, please note that the My Son entrance fee, like the Hoi An entrance fee, could change according to special periods, seasons, or adjustments by the local authority.

For example, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the My Son Sanctuary entrance fee included some promotions to attract tourists, such as a free tour guide, a 10% discount on souvenirs, and more opportunities to take photos with Cham dancers.

It is recommended that you spend at least 4 hours visiting the site to make the most of your My Son entrance fee. Its architecture, historical significance, and cultural features will make your trip worth it!

Tips For Visitors

Best Time To Visit

Your trip to My Son should be around the early morning or late afternoon because you may have a perfect time watching the sunrise or sunset. Besides, My Son can get very hot in the mid-day time so you can avoid the heat when coming in the early morning or late afternoon.

Also, people rarely come at those times, so you can take many photos without photobombs and get entrance tickets without waiting in a long line.

If possible, you should come around September or October (July in the Cham calendar). The Cham traditional Kate festival takes place during Cham July, so it would be a great time to come. You may have the chance to see many traditional ceremonies and performances with diverse musical instruments.

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How To Get To My Son’s Sanctuary

There are many ways to get to My Son Sanctuary from Hoi An or Da Nang. You can go by bike, taxi, and bus, or you can hire a private car for the best comfort.

A popular way that many tourists prefer is to book a half-day tour with a local tour guide. Moreover, a full-day tour will help you discover every corner of the My Son Sanctuary.

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The Champa Kingdom left behind its mysterious architecture, ancient dances, and whole culture. Once you visit it, you will find a My Son Sanctuary entrance fee is definitely good value for money!