Nam O Beach – Da Nang’s Moss Rock Reef Paradise

Nam O Beach-Vietnam Vacation


The more you go around and explore Da Nang, you will realize that not only Son Tra Mountain but also Ba Na Hills and Marble Mountains are amazing landscapes. Besides, Nam O Beach is another beautiful place that attracts visitors’ hearts.

Nam O Beach-Vietnam Vacation

Nam O Beach (Nam O Reef), nestled on the outskirts of Da Nang, Vietnam, is a hidden gem waiting to be explored. This pristine stretch of coastline offers visitors a tranquil escape from bustling city life. Plus, it is an opportunity to immerse themselves in the natural beauty that Mother Nature bestows.

Nam O Beach-Vietnam Vacation

Let Vietnam Vacation Travel get more details about Nam O Beach through this article today.

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Where Is Nam O Beach Da Nang?

How far is Nam O Reef from the center of Da Nang City? Nam O Beach is located in Hiep Hoa ward, Lien Chieu district. With a distance of only 15 kilometers to the northwest, you can completely use motorbikes to get there.

To get to Nam O Reef from the city center, take the Ton Duc Thang inner route or the Nguyen Tat Thanh coastal road.

You should follow Nguyen Tat Thanh Street because the road is wide and has a cool sea view. From Danang downtown, drive Bach Dang Street all the way to the foot of the Thuan Phuoc bridge. Then, you turn left to enter Nguyen Tat Thanh Street.

Nam O Reef-Vietnam Vacation

At the end of the road, you turn right onto a smaller road to get inside the fishing village. You will reach Nam O Reef if you keep going straight till the end of the road. However, you should use a map or consult the locals because the road to Nam O Reef has several bends.

Nam O Beach Da Nang-Vietnam Vacation

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Nam O Da Nang-Vietnam Vacation

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Best Time To Visit Nam O Beach

Each season, Nam O Reef has a different beauty. No matter what season you come here, you can still admire the beauty that nature has bestowed on this place.

Nam O Beach Da Nang-Vietnam Vacation

However, the most ideal time to visit it is in the spring, from February to April. At this time, the weather is warm and sunny, which is very suitable for enjoying travel. 

Namo beach-Vietnam Vacation

Additionally, the months of April through August are also ideal for you to visit Nam O Beach for swimming and other enjoyable activities.

Nam O Beach Da Nang-Vietnam Vacation

In particular, the most beautiful time of day to visit is at sunrise. At that time, the tide receded, revealing the green mossy rocks that were very eye-catching.

Nam O Reef’s Interesting Legend

Nam O Reef has a length of 300 meters and is up to 2 hectares wide. The beautiful scenery of this place originates from various shapes and sizes of rocks covered with green moss.

Nam O Reef-Vietnam Vacation

Below the mossy rocks are sand and clear sea water, and above is an immense blue sky. However, behind that majestic beauty is a very mysterious story.

Nam O Beach-Vietnam Vacation

Legend has it that, in the past, there was a couple who were given the responsibility of digging the sea and filling mountains by the Jade Emperor (king of heaven). However, in the midst of moving the rocks, they fell down. Hence, Nam O Reef in Da Nang has existed since then.

Nam O Da Nang-Vietnam Vacation

Nam O Reef has two main reefs, the Big Reef and the Small Reef. If the Small reef has a gentle beauty, then the Big reef has spectacular multi-angled rocks. All these interesting things are enough to make Nam O Beach an ideal stopover in Da Nang.

Nam O Reef-Vietnam Vacation

Things To Do In Nam O Beach Danang

Those who are passionate about exploring nature when traveling to Da Nang will hardly be able to ignore Nam O Reef. As a scenic spot near the fishing village, this place not only has many attractive views but also possesses attractive and rich tourist activities, a must experience once.

Namo beach-Vietnam Vacation

Admire The Sunrise And Sunset

Witnessing the sunrise and sunset on the beach is indeed a worthwhile moment that many people wish for. The early morning sunshine reflects on the clean seawater and the green mossy rocks, creating a really stunning setting.

Nam O Reef Da Nang-Vietnam Vacation

Moreover, it is the time when the fishermen of Nam O fishing village return after a night of working at sea. 

Nam O Beach-Vietnam Vacation

They bring with them the breath of the sea and fresh seafood back to the village. The picture of the ancient fishing village now seems to have more vitality of the children of the sea.

Nam O Reef-Vietnam Vacation

When it is also time for sunset, the beams of sunshine diminish and soften. It creates a beautiful scene with the red, orange, or purple sky at Nam O Beach.

Discover Nam O Beach’s Untouched Beauty

Nam O Reef-Vietnam Vacation

Unlike other bustling beaches in Da Nang, Nam O Beach is a place that still retains its rare unspoil beauty. When coming here, visitors can’t help but fall in love with the charming natural scenery with long white sand beaches, and blue sea water caressing the waves.

Nam O Beach Da Nang-Vietnam Vacation

Especially the rocks with many different shapes and sizes. Stepping on the rocky beach, you will catch a glimpse of a poetic seascape with white waves stretching across the whole area. You can see Son Tra Peninsula, a popular tourist destination, from Nam O Reef; to the west, a short distance away, is Hai Van Pass.

Bathing And Snorkeling At Nam O Beach

The beach here is ideal for swimming in clear blue water. Surely you will feel comfortable when immersing yourself in the cool water of the sea and listening to the sound of the waves crashing.

Namo beach-Vietnam Vacation

Over time, tourism in Nam O Beach has developed a lot, adding many modern and interesting services for those who like to experience it. One of those services is snorkeling to see corals.

Nam O Beach Da Nang-Vietnam Vacation

Traveling to a beautiful coral reef like Nam O without snorkeling is a big miss. It is a great experience to admire the colorful coral reefs and shoals of fish swimming in the clear blue sea. Hence, it is a fabulous experience from the shore to the seabed.

Take Beautiful Photos With Mossy Rocks

Coming to Nam O Beach, visitors will be immersed in the beautiful landscape here. For those who love photography, Nam O Reef is the pinnacle place for virtual life on the internet.

Nam O Reef-Vietnam Vacation

There are many beautiful corners, especially the rocky outcrops covered with green moss. The colors of moss, mountains, seawater, and the sky are extremely stunning, helping you to possess bewitching pictures.

Nam O Da Nang beach-Vietnam Vacation

At low tide, the mossy rocks reveal, creating an irresistible beauty. Thus, don’t hesitate to take out your phone or camera to take the most beautiful photos!

Experience Being A Real Fisherman

Nam O Reef is a tourist place near the ancient fishing village, so there are also many unique and interesting experiences here. First and foremost, seagoing fishing operations with basket boats of fishermen.

Nam O fishing village-Vietnam Vâction

What’s more interesting than experiencing rowing a basket boat to catch seafood and fish, process it, and enjoy it right on the sea? Nam O Beach is home to many seafood species, especially anchovies, and cobia.

Nam O Da Nang beach-Vietnam Vacation

When looking at the clear sea water, you will be surprised to see each shoal of fish swimming around. Besides, colorful snails were clinging to the rocks.

Nam O Da Nang-Vietnam Vacation
Nam O fishing village view from the above

To experience the service of fishing and catching seafood, you need to contact the locals in the fishing village. After finishing a short journey on the sea, you can hand-process your fruits to organize a BBQ party on the beach.

Nam O fishing village-Vietnam Vacation

In addition, you cannot miss the opportunity to explore the unique early fish market of the 700-year-old fishing village here. Men go to the beach the previous afternoon and return to the village early the next morning. When the basket boats came ashore one by one, the merchants had ready baskets and quickly bought them.

Nam O fish market-Vietnam Vacation

After the boat full of fish and shrimp came to the shore, fishermen would quickly pull the basket boat deep to the shore. The sounds of merchants buying and selling, and the laughter of fishing villagers, bustled in a peaceful coastal village.

Nam O fishing village-Vietnam Vacation
Nam O Fishing village-Vietnam Vacation

The market lasts until dawn breaks out and then fades away. Fishermen are busy washing their nets, anchoring their basket boats, and preparing for the next day’s departure. It is great to learn about the daily lives of the fishermen here.

Visiting Nam O Fish Sauce Craft Village

Nam O fish sauce making village-Vietnam Vacation

As we mentioned above, Nam O Reef is near the Nam O fishing village. Hence, you may combine your tour with a visit to the renowned Nam O fish sauce craft village.

Nam O fish sauce making village-Vietnam Vacation

Nam O fish sauce-making village has existed since the early 20th century for over 400 years. Nam O is a small fishing village located at the mouth of the Cu De River, now in Hoa Hiep ward, Lien Chieu district, Da Nang city.

Nam O sauce making craft village-Vietnam Vacation
Anchovies – the main source of ingredients to make Nam O fish sauce.

Nam O ancient village produces delicious fish sauce from anchovies – a popular fish in Nam O beach. When visiting the craft village, you can explore the process of making fish sauce as well as learn about the culture of the people here.

Nam O fish sauce making village-Vietnam Vacation

Besides, you can also discover the ancient well of the Cham people in the village and a temple. After visiting, you can also buy fish sauce for your family and friends as a gift.

Nam O fish sauce making village-Vietnam Vacation

Camping And Picnic At The Beach

The romantic space of nature with the sound of the sea waves at Nam O Reef is the perfect setting for a picnic away from the hustle and bustle of the city. From there, you will feel peace and relaxation after a stressful working day at Nam O beach.

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Enjoy Delicious Food At Nam O Beach

Nam O Raw Fish Salad

Referring to Da Nang cuisine, you cannot ignore the famous Nam O fish salad of the restaurants along Nam O beach. This dish has two types: dry fish salad and wet fish salad. Dry salad is for first-time diners not used to eating raw fish.

Nam O fish salad-Vietnam Vacation
Nam O dry and wet fish salads – Vietnam Vacation

On the contrary, wet salad is for gourmets who like the fresh taste of fish meat. The locals make the fish salad from fresh herring, with only slight differences in the final processing.

Whether the salad is successful or not depends on the dipping sauce. The locals make the fish salad sauce from tomato sauce, crushed roasted peanuts, and Nam O fish sauce.

Nam O fish salad-Vietnam Vacation
Nam O dry fish salad

When enjoying this dish, you will eat it with rice paper and cucumber, perilla, grated green mango, etc. All blend together to create a unique and unforgettable taste.

Seafood Types In Nam O

Visiting Nam O Beach presents an excellent chance to indulge in culinary. This place is renowned for its fresh seafood catch of the day, so you can savor a wide array of delectable dishes here.

Nam O seafood-Vietnam Vacation

Therefore, you can catch seafood yourself and ask fishermen to cook Otherwise, you can go to nearby restaurants to enjoy a variety of delicious dishes. For example, snails, squid, fish, shrimp, crabs, etc. We believe the local seafood will tantalize your taste buds and leave you craving more.


All in all, Nam O Beach has untouched natural beauty with a vibrant fishing village and fresh seafood delights. Plus, a scenic shore with sandy and green mossy rocks, and a tranquil ambiance. Hence, Nam O Reef in Da Nang is a hidden gem waiting for you to explore.

Nam O Reef-Vietnam Vacation

If you love immersing yourself in nature to explore and relax, Nam O Beach is the perfect spot to connect with nature and discover the unspoiled beauty of the coastline of Vietnam.