Perfume River Hue- The Gift From Nature

Perfume River Hue- Vietnam Vacation Travel


Perfume River Hue is considered the soul and iconic of dreamy Hue. It is one of the attractive tourist attractions that give pride to residents because of its poetic and tranquil beauty in the ancient city that visitors find difficult to catch sight of anywhere.

Perfume River- Vietnam Vacation Travel

Every time tourists travel to the Huong River, they are always overwhelmed by the harmonious beauty of the majestic surrounding natural and gentle river that creates historical and cultural value. This river is similar to smooth silk stretching in the city and has the graceful beauty of a girl.

Let’s discover this charming Perfume River with Vietnam Vacation Travel.

Perfume River Hue Location

Perfume River is located at Tran Hung Dao and Le Loi streets in the center of Hue, which is favorable for tourists to do some sightseeing at this famous site anytime in the day. Besides, you can easily visit other ancient pagodas and the appealing landscape near Perfume River Hue, such as Thien Mu Pagoda, Ngu Binh Mountain, Gia Long Tomb, etc.

This river is 80 km long and originates from Truong Son mountain. The longest river flows from Bang Lang to Thuan An in 30 km. The perfume river tranquil flows from the idyllic garden of Vy Da, across through Thien Mu Buddhist had the sounds of bell humming, and meandering through Bach Yen river. Every site that the river goes through creates a unique and typical beauty.

How To Get To Huong River

To admire the romantic Perfume River Vietnam, you must get to Hue Citadel first. If you book our Vietnam Airport Transfer via Vietnam Vacation Travel, you will be ensured of a comfortable trip and high-quality service:

Then, you can use any kind of transportation, such as cyclos, motorbikes, bicycles, cars, etc., to engage in many exciting activities in the Perfume River Hue, such as taking photos, admiring the romantic landscape of the river at sunrise or sunset, joining in Dinner Cruise on perfume river Hue, and so on.

Perfume River- Vietnam Vacation Travel

Plus, instead of only sightseeing the charming river, you can take advantage of visiting some famous places that make a meaningful adventure in Hue City:

Huong River History

Perfume River Hue is also called by different names, such as Huong River, Linh Giang River, Lo Dung River, Huong Tra River, and Yen Luc River. However, Perfume River is the most common name for many attractive reasons below. Firstly, when the river meanders in the center of the Hue citadel, it still retains the natural aroma when the river flows through the forest, which has numerous floral fragrances.

Besides, the meaning of Huong River also stems from the legendary story of the Nguyen Hoang Emperor following the instruction of a fairy. This means he only needed to burn incense sticks and row a boat until those sticks were extinguished. Then, the emperor would see a good land. Furthermore, flowers from the riverside fall into the water and maintain the aroma every autumn. That is why the river was named Perfume River.

Perfume River Hue The Gift From Nature- Vietnam Vacation Travel

This river is sourced from two rivers, including the 67 km long Ta Trach River, which originated from Truong Son Dong. Then, going through Nam Dong communal and integrated with 60 km of Huu Trach River, following the North and getting through Bang Lang.

Perfume River Hue Things To Do

Admire The Poetic Of Perfume River

Each moment in the day, the Huong River has its own beauty. In particular, you can immerse in the fresh atmosphere, admire the gently flowing river and picturesque views surrounded by majestic mountains, as well as the activities of locals at sunrise. All these things will give you full of positive energy to start a new day.

If you travel at sunset, you will be impressed by the charming river when the red sky reflects on the surface of the water. Everything on the river during sundown sinks into the tranquil space, which sometimes brings unique melancholy to observers. For these reasons, residents always identify Hue Citadel as a sad city.

Perfume River Hue The Gift From Nature- Vietnam Vacation Travel

What’s more, visitors can admire the romantic beauty of Truong Tien Bridge at night. At this time, the bridge became brilliant because the different colorful lighting constantly changed, which made perfect backgrounds for sightseers to take lovely photos.

In addition, you can walk along the Ironwood Bridge to admire the perfume river. This bridge lies on Nguyen Dinh Chieu pedestrian street, where Hue locals and tourists usually come to unwind and explore the vibrant small space.

Boat Trip Perfume River Hue

The Perfume River Hue- Vietnam Vacation Travel

If you want to admire the panoramic views and join in various interesting activities in Hue city, you can not miss the boat trip to the perfume river Hue. This traditional activity is different from all modern entertainment nowadays, but it is no less exciting.

When you step in the dragon boat Hue, you seem to get lost in the peaceful space to feel serenity and tranquility, especially glimpsing all the magnificent views of the poetic country. Also, visitors will have a great chance to try the traditional dishes of royal cuisine. Tourists can easily stop at well-known tourist attractions on the river bank, such as Thien Mu Pagoda, Hon Chen Temple, Minh Mang Tomb, etc., to discover the unique architecture in Hue.

Perfume River Hue The Gift From Nature- Vietnam Vacation Travel

Furthermore, you can challenge yourself to row a sub or duck pedal boat on the Huong River at dawn or dusk. This Hue Sup Tour will recharge your battery after hard days at work and study by turning back to nature to feel the freedom and generosity in the vast river. When it comes to duck pedal boats, this is an exciting activity with the cute duck in the middle of the river, which gives you an unforgettable experience.

Perfume River- Vietnam Vacation Travel

Enjoy Folk Music

Most people usually jest that if you visit Hue but have yet to listen to folk music at night, it means you are not honestly traveling in this dreamy country. Hue folk music is a special art that combines classical music and folk songs. While you enjoy folk music in the dragon boat, instead of only listening to the music, you also have the chance to explore the typical cultural and traditional values, especially immersing the romantic space with the sweet melody.

Perfume River Hue- Vietnam Vacation Travel

Perfume River Festivals

Perfume River Hue usually organizes many activities that are related to festivals, such as dropping flower lanterns, dragon boat races, and the Hon Chen temple festival. Dropping the flower lanterns is a meaningful activity to pray for good news or spiritual meaning to commemorate the ancient. These flower lanterns are similar to the highlight, giving the river more glamorous and mysterious beauty.

The Perfume River- Vietnam Vacation Travel

The dragon races are usually held on Independence Day in the Huong River with a vibrant atmosphere that makes observers feel thrilled and tense with the races. In addition, if you are traveling during August, you can witness the unique Hon Chen temple festival.

Best Time To Travel Perfume River Hue

The best time to travel to the Perfume River Hue depends on your preference. Hue Citadel has two primary seasons, containing dry days and rainy days. If you are curious about how melancholy Hue is, you can visit during the rainy season.

Commonly, visitors will pay a visit during March to August of the dry season with the mild weather and easily witness clear and blue rivers. Visitors might get to Huong River anytime during the day to see each surreal beauty. According to the description of locals, the river is usually blue in the early morning, yellow at noon, and late afternoon with a romantic purple color.

Perfume River Hue The Gift From Nature- Vietnam Vacation Travel

Attractions Near The Perfume River

Thien Mu Pagoda

When you engage in the boat trip on the Perfume River, you can stop at the famous Thien Mu Pagoda. In this case, you not only catch sight of the unique architecture but also poetic views, as well as explore Feng Shui and mysterious stories.

Ngu Binh Mountain

Ngu Binh Mountain is also a symbol of natural scenery in Hue country that visitors must see. When coming to this mountain, you can contemplate the panoramic views of the Huong River with the ancient pagodas and the gorgeous palaces. Besides, residents have a perspective that whoever comes to this mountain will receive the good news and be safe in life.

Perfume River Hue- Vietnam Vacation Travel

Gia Long Tomb

Gia Long Tomb is the first tomb model building in Hue, which combines historical and traditional significance. In this tomb, visitors can enjoy the calmness and peaceful atmosphere, especially listening to the sacred and immortal love stories related to the Gia Long emperor to build this tomb.

Perfume River Hue- Vietnam Vacation Travel

Hon Chen Temple

If you visit Hue during March or August, you can detect the Hon Chen Temple festival in the Perfume River. This temple has a reputation for magnificent sites and folk festivals. Besides, you will have the opportunity to have insight into the cultural heritages and religious relics.

Perfume River- Vietnam Vacation Travel

Travel Tips

  • You should travel the Perfume River during dry seasons for your convenience in the mild temperature and favorable to visit other renowned attractions.
  • Remember to bring hats, sunscreen, and coats to avoid hot weather in the summer.
  • To enjoy travel to the fullest, you can visit ancient pagodas, temples, and natural sceneries while traveling by dragon boat.
  • If you have a chance to visit temples or pagodas, you should choose proper clothes to respect the cultural sites.

Perfume River Hue The Gift From Nature- Vietnam Vacation Travel


Traveling to the ancient land of Hue, you can not miss the Perfume River Hue to explore this typical symbol and engage in a variety of stimulating activities. Therefore, Vietnam Vacation Travel expects you will be satisfied with all the information in this article that is sufficient to create an unforgettable journey.