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Son Tra Radar Station - Vietnam Vacation Travel

Son Tra Radar Station Introduction

If you travel to Son Tra Peninsula, Son Tra Radar Station is one of the must-visit places to explore. This place is known as Indochina God Eyes with a perfect geographical location at 621 meters in height. From the radar station, you can observe the panoramic view of the city, green mountains, forests, and terrains.


Son Tra Radar Station - Vietnam Vacation Travel

Son Tra Radar Station is located on Son Tra Peak at a height of 621 meters compared to the sea level. It is about 14 kilometers from the city center, which means it takes about 40 minutes to commute by motorbike to get there. The station is surrounded by white clouds and blue sky every year.

How To Get To Son Tra Radar Station?

Danang-Son Tra Route

To get to the radar station on the mountain near the sea at  Son Tra Peninsula, Da Nang City, Vietnam, there are a lot of routes for you to choose from. However, we highly recommend you select below tow routes to ensure your safety:

Son Tra Radar Station - Vietnam Vacation Travel

  • From Danang city center, let’s get to Dragon Bridge or Thuan Phuoc Bridge then follow Tran Hung Dao Street! When you get to the end of Tran Hung Dao Street, you have to turn right and drive straight to Son Tra Peninsular.
  • Another road will be Vo Nguyen Giap – Hoang Sa Street! Just drive following the sea coastal road, and you will get to Son Tra Peninsular! This is a great road because you can admire the beauty of the beach and feel the salty wind from the sea.

So, as soon as you get to Son Tra Peninsular, you can visit Son Tra Radar Station easily.

Means Of Transports

Moreover, motorbikes will be a suitable means of transport for you to reach Son Tra Radar Station because the terrain is quite crowded and it is difficult to commute by car or bus. However, along the road from Danang to Son Tra, you can take a bus.

Son Tra Radar Station - Vietnam Vacation Travel

For instance, you can book a private car to Son Tra Peninsular faster and more safely with our transfer services. Here are some of the recommended private car transfers  offering you an English-speaking driver and the best service in Danang:

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Son Tra Radar Station is the summer season, which means from March to August every year. It is temperature and less rainy, so you can drive to the mountain peak more safely.

Son Tra Radar Station - Vietnam Vacation Travel

Plus, you should avoid getting to the radar station between September to February because this is the rainy season. The road is quite wet and you can meet rain or even typhoon. It is very dangerous to drive to a high location at the mountain peak.

Son Tra Radar Station History

Son Tra Radar Station was constructed in 1965 by US Army. It was used to guide the direction of the US airplanes taking off from Thailand airport. Moreover, the station also played an important role to locate the location to boom the North of Vietnam from Guam Island.

Plus, Son Tra Radar Station is also a great place to observe and detect violation activities from the East Sea and airspace. Especially, any behavior violating Vietnam’s territory will be caught and evaluated immediately.

Son Tra Radar Station - Vietnam Vacation Travel

Besides the name: Radar 49, Son Tra Radar Station is also called by another name: Mắt Thần Đông Dương (Indochina God Eyes ). This name originates from its geographical location. 

From a far distance, you will see three globes of the station. Moreover, this location can cover all the terrain with a radius of up to 300 kilometers. You can see Hong Kong and Hai Nam Pass from this location.

What To Explore?

Admire Natural Landscapes

At the height of 621 meters compared to the sea level, you will be extremely excited when seeing a panoramic view of Danang City as well as the natural beauty of the green forest, blue sea, and white clouds.

Visit Vong Canh House

Vong Canh House is one of the most famous spots for tourists to discover when they travel to Son Tra Radar Station. The house is situated at a height of 600 meters on the ledge heading out to the sea.  When you visit Vong Canh House, you will have a chance to admire the beauty of Lang Co Beach and Hai Van Pass.

Son Tra Radar Station - Vietnam Vacation Travel

Additionally, tourists will see a stone monkey placed in front of the house. It is unique and beautiful. So, don’t miss the boat to explore Vong Canh House!


We cannot forget to check in at Son Tra Radar Station. There are picturesque natural landscapes and a beautiful Vong Canh House. Therefore, let’s take as many photos as possible to save incredible moments and memories of your trip!

Enjoy Sunrise And Sunset Moment

Son Tra Radar Station - Vietnam Vacation Travel

At a high location like Son Tra Radar Station, we should not and never miss the opportunity to admire the sunrise and sunset here. Those are the most magnificent moments to catch full beautiful moments of Mother Nature with the sea, the sun, and the forest.

Where To Eat?

If you would like to eat Danang specialties, you have to get back to the city center because there are no restaurants nearby the radar station. Hence, you can bring some foods and fresh drinks to get there. Here are some restaurants you can try in Son Tra District, Danang:

  • Gia Rung Restaurant: 102 Yet Kieu, Tho Quang, Son Tra, Da Nang
  • Ba Ro Restaurant: 115 Lý Tử Tấn, Tho Quang, Son Tra, Da Nang
  • Eo Bien Restaurant: 94 Ngô Cao Lãng, Tho Quang, Son Tra, Da Nang

Nearby Tourist Attractions

Located near Son Tra Radar Station, there are some places for you to explore. For example, you can visit the Son Tra Light House, Dong Dinh Museum, or Linh Ung Pagoda.

Son Tra Light House

Son Tra Radar Station - Vietnam Vacation Travel

Following French architecture, Son Tra Light House is a great place to enjoy the sea view. Moreover, it is known as the oldest lighthouse with a wide vision in Vietnam. When you’re here, you can see the whole view of the city, especially the Han River view.

Dong Dinh Museum

Son Tra Radar Station - Vietnam Vacation Travel

Next, Dong Dinh Museum is the next destination for you to discover. The museum is like an ecological garden with an ancient vibe and old architecture. Plus, it brings you a comfortable and fresh atmosphere. So, you will feel relaxed and peaceful if you’re here.

Linh Ung Bai But Pagoda

Son Tra Radar Station - Vietnam Vacation Travel

Another must-visit place is Son Tra Peninsula. This is the biggest and most beautiful Ling Ung Pagoda in Danang. The pagoda is a holy and sacred spot for people to pray and wish for the best in their life. Especially, Linh Ung Pagoda also has the tallest Buddha Guan Yin statue at 67-meter height in Southeast Asia.

Travel Tips

Son Tra Radar Station is truly a great spot for backpackers to explore. However, you should notice some below travel tips:

  • First, motorbikes are the most suitable vehicle to get to the radar station because the route to get here is quite small. Moreover, the station is located on the mountain peak, so it is not easy for you to drive a car to get there.
  • Second, Son Tra Radar Station is under the control of the Air Force Air Defense Service and the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam. Hence, if you would like to visit the radar station, you should ask for permission first.

Son Tra Radar Station - Vietnam Vacation Travel

  • Third, the terrain is not straight and it is quite crooked. So, remember to be careful when you commute to the radar station.
  • Finally, you can bring food and drinks following. However, don’t forget to pack your things when leaving!


In conclusion, Vietnam Vacation Travel has just shared all the useful information about Son Tra Radar Station Danang with you. We hope that the article can give you a hand in planning your schedule for the Son Tra trip.

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