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An Dinh Palace-Vietnam Vacation Travel


Hue ancient capital with the vicissitudes of history, has been left with many historical monuments with many meanings, and An Dinh Palace is one of them. The An Dinh Palace is hundreds of years old but still retains its historical value and unique architecture that attracts many tourists.

An Dinh Palace-Vietnam Vacation Travel

Moreover, An Dinh Palace Hue has the interference between Asia-European architecture and art. Most importantly, UNESCO recognized this Hue royal palace as a world cultural heritage, so it is worth exploring. Let’s explore more about An Dinh Palace with Vietnam Vacation Travel in this article!

An Dinh Royal Palace-Vietnam Vacation Travel

An Dinh Palace’s Location

The An Dinh Palace Hue is situated on the southern bank of the Perfume River. Specifically, it is at 197 Phan Dinh Phung, Phu Nhuan Ward, Hue City. The palace is only 2km from the city center and next to the An Cuu river.

Nestled amidst lush gardens and serene surroundings, the palace provides a tranquil escape from the bustling city. Moreover, its proximity to other famous attractions makes it an ideal addition to any itinerary when exploring Hue.

An Dinh Palace-Vietnam Vacation Travel

How To Get To The An Dinh Palace?

Reaching An Dinh Palace is convenient and straightforward. You can hire a taxi, rent a motorbike, or opt for a guided tour that includes transportation like a private car or cyclo.

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The palace is easily accessible from the city center and other renowned attractions. Hence, making it a convenient stop during your exploration of the Hue itinerary.

Entrance Fee Ticket And Opening Hours

Opening hours: 6:30 am – 5:30 pm in the summer and 7:00 am – 5:00 pm in the winter.

Ticket price: Adults: 50,000 VND/person

Children: Free

An Dinh Palace’s History

The An Dinh Palace was built in 1917, and this is a unique work associated with many late Nguyen emperors like Khai Dinh and Bao Dai emperors. Additionally, there are also Empress Nam Phuong and Crown Prince Bao Long.

An Dinh Palace Hue-Vietnam Vacation Travel

In 1901, Crown Prince Nguyen Phuc Buu Dao (later Khai Dinh king) decided to set up a private residence named An Dinh Palace. In 1917, when he officially ascended the throne, King Khai Dinh ordered his soldiers to renovate the building according to modern European architecture. After two years, the construction process is officially completed.

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On February 28, 1922, Khai Ding King gave An Dinh Palace to Dong Cung Crown Prince Vinh Thuy – later King Bao Dai. After the August Revolution, the Nguyen Dynasty receded. Therefore, the Bao Dai emperor and his family moved from the royal palace to An Dinh Palace to stay briefly before settling abroad.

The Royal Palace Hue-Vietnam Vacation Travel

After 1954, Ngo Dinh Diem’s government confiscated An Dinh Palace. After 1975 Mrs. Tu Cung – the last empress dowager of the Nguyen dynasty donated An Dinh palace to the revolutionary government.

From 2001 to 2002, An Dinh Palace was restored and transferred to Hue Monuments Conservation Center for management.

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In 2003, the Federal Embassy of Germany sponsored 17,000 euros to restore six rare murals in the front lobby interior of Khai Tuong building. To this day, the identity of who drew these six paintings remains a mystery. However, all of them are masterpieces of Vietnamese art in the early 20th century.

What To Explore At An Dinh Palace Hue?

Originally, An Dinh Palace Hue had 10 buildings in all, including Khai Tuong Pavilion, a boat dock, Trung Lap communal house, a main gate, a lake, the Cuu Tu Dai theater, etc.

Hue Royal Palace-Vietnam Vacation Travel

However, due to the ravages of time and war, at present, An Dinh Palace only has the main gate, Trung Lap communal house, and Khai Tuong pavilion. You can see all corners of the palace with the 360° views below:

An Dinh Palace features a captivating fusion of traditional Vietnamese and French architectural elements, so you can admire its architectural grandeur. Especially Khai Tuong pavilion, with its intricate carvings and opulent décor, is a testament to the refined taste of the Nguyen Dynasty.

The Royal Palace in Hue-Vietnam Vacation Travel

The Main Gate

First, you will explore the beautiful main gate of this splendid palace. It is designed in a two-story and three-door style, which is one of the most unique architectures of An Dinh Palace.

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In addition, at the gate’s top is attached to a big round cement block called a pearl. The whole parts of the main gate are decorated with porcelain and glass pieces with separate themes, imbued with Vietnamese national traditions.

Trung Lap Communal House

Through the main gate is Trung Lap communal house, which has an octagonal structure. Besides, the roof is in the form of an ancient floor with two layers: the lower layer has eight sides, and the upper layer has four sides.

An Dinh Palace Hue-Vietnam Vacation Travel

The highlight of the communal house is the bronze statue of King Khai Dinh with meticulously sculpted details. The statue was cast in 1920 with perfect proportions as the real person. However, the statue was later moved to the Khai Dinh Tomb.

Khai Tuong Pavilion

Next is the Khai Tuong Pavilion, located behind Trung Lap communal house. Khai Tuong is the main architectural work of An Dinh Palace. The name Khai Tuong means the place “a good starting point” for King Khai Dinh to name it.

Khai Tuong Pavilion-Vietnam Vacation Travel

Moreover, the entire front of the building is decorated with meticulous and elaborate pattern details. Notably, modern Roman motifs are interwoven with traditional Vietnamese motifs such as phoenixes, dragons, etc.

All create incredibly unique architecture, both bringing modern European features and expressing the soul of Eastern culture.

Hue Royal Palace-Vietnam Vacation Travel

Significantly, it has three floors with a total area of 745m2. Plus, it is built with new materials in the style of a European castle. It has a total of 22 large and small rooms. Meanwhile, the 1st floor has seven extremely gorgeous decorated rooms. The first floor’s inside has murals in gilded frames with very high artistic value, thereby increasing the magnificence of the space here.

Hue Royal Palace-Vietnam Vacation Travel

Most prominently, six paintings depict the scenes of five Hue Royal Tombs. That are Dong Khanh Tomb, Tu Duc Tomb, Thieu Tri Tomb, Minh Mang Tomb, and Gia Long Tomb. All six frame paintings are carved with lotus leaves and apricot flowers.

The Royal Palace in Hue-Vietnam Vacation Travel

The 2nd and 3rd floors have 15 rooms that used to be the residence of Empress Dowager Tu Cung and other royal members of the Bao Dai emperor. Additionally, the 3rd floor also has some rooms for worship.

An Dinh Palace-Vietnam Vacation Travel

In addition, there is a gilded, finely carved gilded chair in the dining room. Besides, stunning decorative patterns and patterns on the ceiling, along with chandeliers that light up the whole room. All will surprise you and make you want to take many photos to save your memory.

An Dinh Royal Palace Hue-Vietnam Vacation Travel
A bed inside the palace


In conclusion, An Dinh Palace is a masterpiece of modern art and architecture. It is far from the architectural works of the same time in Hue ancient capital.

An Dinh Royal Palace-Vietnamvacation
In the middle is a statue of Bao Dai emperor when he was a prince

Hence, you will understand more about the history of Vietnam’s feudal period when visiting the An Dinh Palace. Also, don’t forget to follow Vietnam Vacation Travel to update many helpful articles! We wish you a memorable experience in Hue, Vietnam!