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Lang Co Bay - Vietnam Vacation Travel

Lang Co Bay Overview

Lang Co Bay is one of the world’s most beautiful bays recognized by the World Bays Club in 2009. It is a natural complex that boasts its own stunning beach and other attractive destinations, such as Lap An Lagoon, Son Cha Island, and Canh Duong-Chan May Beach.

Lang Co Bay - Vietnam Vacation Travel
Take a look at Lang Co Bay

Surrounded by popular tourist attractions like Hai Van Pass and Bach Ma National Park, it is often described as a real-life Elysium for tourists. So let us – Vietnam Vacation Travel bring you on a journey to discover this enchanting tourist paradise.

Ideal Place For A Great Holiday

Where Is Lang Co Bay?

Lang Co Bay is situated at the base of the Hai Van Mountain Pass. It is located on National Highway A1 and is a part of Lang Co Town, Phu Loc District, Thua Thien Hue Province.

The distance from Hue City is approximately 60 kilometres, and from Da Nang City is about 20 kilometres. The bay stretches over 40 kilometres, with a 10-kilometre beach.

Also, it is close to four of Vietnam’s World Heritage Sites, all of which are within a 150-kilometer radius. These include the Complex of Hue Monuments, Hoi An Ancient Town, My Son Sanctuary, and Phong Nha National Park. As you journey through Lang Co, be sure to take in the breathtaking beauty of the Hai Van Pass, where the mountains, sea, and clouds come together in perfect harmony. And finally, immerse yourself in the natural wonders of the Bach Ma National Park.

The Best Time To Visit Lang Co Bay Hue

The climate in Hue, particularly in Lang Co Town, can be divided into two seasons: the hot and dry season and the rainy and cold season.

Lang Co Bay - Vietnam Vacation Travel

If you want to visit Lang Co Bay, the perfect time to experience the beauty of this place would be between April to July, during the summer months. During this period, the weather is pleasant, sunny, and features a clear blue sea with a refreshing breeze.

How To Go To Lang Co Hue?

It is quite convenient to travel to Lang Co Beach Hue, you can choose any transportation due to your budget.

If you have plenty of free time, you can rent a motorbike to explore the beautiful route from Hue or Da Nang City to Lang Co Bay.

It is possible to rent a bus at an affordable price, but it is important to take note that the last bus returning to Hue City departs at 5:30 p.m. Additionally, the travel time from Hue to Lang Co Town can be quite long, especially when the bus is always crowded and moving slowly.

You could catch a taxi, but it is not recommended for distances over 60 km due to high costs.

If you are looking for comfortable accommodations for yourself, your friends, or your family, and want to explore attractive destinations beyond Lang Co Bay with the help of a guide. Our Hue Private Car and Da Nang Private Car are highly recommended for an exceptional experience.

Also, if you want more about other tours in Hue or Da Nang, you can take a look at Hue Tours and Da Nang Tours to pick up a great trip for your time in Vietnam.

What To Do In Lang Co Bay Hue?

Lang Co Bay offers a wonderful mix of tropical forests, mountain passes, rocky mountains, and natural wonders. Let’s explore it part by part.

Immerse In Lang Co Beach Beauty

Lang Co Bay - Vietnam Vacation Travel
The clear water of Lang Co Beach.

Picture yourself surrounded by the serene beauty of Lang Co Beach – the soft white sands, the gentle blue sea, and the shimmering golden sunshine. It is a truly awe-inspiring sight that can bring a sense of peace and calmness to even the most troubled mind. Taking a dip in the sea during the early morning can be a truly rejuvenating experience, helping to clear away all your stresses and worries at once.

Visit “The Gift Of Nature” Lap An Lagoon

Lap An Lagoon is a part of Lang Co Bay in Hue. It is a stunning brackish water lagoon, rich in natural resources like mangroves. It is an ideal spot for photographers and explorers, with breathtaking reflections of the mountains, clouds, and sky in the clear blue water. Fishing and exploring the seafood here is a great experience for tourists. Dawn and dusk here are some best times you should not miss.

Lap An Lagoon - Vietnam Vacation Travel
The fascinating scenery in Lap An Lagoon.

We already have a fully exploration version for Lap An Lagoon, click here if you want further information.

Lang Co Fishing Village

If you are looking for a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and would like to stay in a peaceful place that is not too fancy, you should consider visiting Stork Fishing Village. Local residents recall this as a once romantic fishing village, where flocks of white storks would gather and live.

Lang Co Bay - Vietnam Vacation Travel

Located in Lang Co Bay, this small and ancient fishing village offers a peaceful atmosphere where you can find inner peace and take a deep breath. Experience the local way of life, centred around fishing and oyster farming. Learn about the seafood industry and indulge in the modest, authentic cuisine prepared by the friendly locals.

Explore Lang Co Cuisine

One more thing you have to try is the local seafood, which is raised and caught locally in high quality and abundant. The dishes are prepared distinctively, resulting in a fresh and unique taste.

Lang Co Bay - Vietnam Vacation Travel
Delicious oyster dish.

You can easily find small restaurants along the main road in Lang Co Town that offer a variety of fresh seafood dishes. In addition to seafood, you have the opportunity to try some of the special dishes from Hue or Vietnam such as Nem Lụi (spring rolls), Bánh Bột Lọc (bread flour), Cơm Hến (baby basket clams rice), Phở, …

Here are some recommendations from Vietnam Vacation Travel:

  • Fishing Village Seafood Restaurant.
  • Be Than Seafood Restaurant.
  • VietPearl Seafood Restaurant.
  • Lang Co restaurant.

Where To Stay In Lang Co Thua Thien Hue

Looking for the perfect place to unwind after a long day on the beach? Look no further than these 5 exceptional resorts in Lang Co Bay. Each option offers luxurious amenities and outstanding services, leaving you feeling pampered and revitalised.

The Complex Of Laguna Lang Co Resort

The Laguna Lang Co is a world-renowned, 5-star resort located in Lang Co Bay that offers unparalleled luxury and exceptional service. We would like to introduce two of three special resorts here: Banyan Tree Lang Co Resort and Angsana Lang Co Resort.

Banyan Tree Lang Co Resort draws inspiration from Vietnamese Royal culture in its decor and features a range of villas suitable for families.

Lang Co Bay - Vietnam Vacation Travel
Banyan Tree Resort Villa

Angsana Lang Co Resort boasts 229 modern luxury rooms, ideal for teams or large groups. It also features the largest swimming pool in Southeast Asia.

Lang Co Bay - Vietnam Vacation Travel
Angsana Lang Co Resort.

The food served in this resort has both Western and Eastern cuisine, especially some specialities of Vietnamese cuisine.

At Laguna Lang Co Resort, visitors can enjoy a variety of unique activities. From an 18-hole golf course to thrilling water sports like jet skiing and banana boat rides, there is something for everyone here.

Lang Co Bay - Vietnam Vacation Travel
Laguna Golf Course.

Additionally, you can take a special boat tour that will take you through the picturesque Laguna Lang Co Canal. Do not let these exciting opportunities slip away! You will not regret it.

Address: Cu Du Village, Loc Vinh Commune, Phu Loc District, Thua Thien Hue Province.

Benchmark price:

  • Banyan Tree Lang Co Resort: from 8.000.000 VND (~342 USD) a night.
  • Angsana Lang Co Resort: from 2.4000.000 VND (~103 USD) a night.

Lang Co Beach Resort

A 3-star resort in Lang Co Bay, conveniently located for easy access to transportation and nearby attractions. This place offers a variety of accommodation options at suitable prices.

Lang Co Bay - Vietnam Vacation Travel
Lang Co Beach Resort.

Address: 463 Lac Long Quan Street, Lang Co Town, Phu Loc District, Thua Thien Hue Province.

Benchmark price: from 800.000 VND (~34 USD) a night.

Stork Village Resort

This 3-star resort is perfect for beach lovers who want easy access to town (just 4 kilometres away). It offers a total of 40 rooms, all with the option of a beautiful garden or sea view. Additionally, it boasts a large and stunning pool. With a range of affordable prices, there are plenty of options for guests to choose from.

Lang Co Bay - Vietnam Vacation Travel
Stork Village Resort.

Address: 499 Lac Long Quan Street, Lang Co Town, Phu Loc District, Thua Thien Hue Province.

Benchmark price: from 700.000 VND (~30 USD) a night.

Thanh Tam Seaside Resort

With the view facing the beach, Thanh Tam Seaside Resort is very suitable for young travellers who travel a lot and like to explore activities and places to visit. It also offers delicious seafood at affordable prices.

Lang Co Bay - Vietnam Vacation Travel
Thanh Tam Seaside Resort.

Address: National Highway 1A, Lang Co Town, Phu Loc District, Thua Thien Hue Province.

Benchmark price: from 720.000 VND (~31 USD) a night.

Beautiful Attractions Nearby

Dreamlike Beaches In Chan May Port

Chan May Port is home to two famous beaches, Canh Duong Beach and Chan May Beach. These beaches are known for their pristine beauty and are especially enchanting at dawn when visitors can witness the sun rising from the horizon. The sun illuminates the arc-shaped beaches, creating a sparkling effect on the sea.

Lang Co Bay - Vietnam Vacation Travel
Pristine Canh Duong Beach.

Admire The Bay From Hai Van Pass

Not only discover Lang Co Bay from the inside, but you can also catch another vision from Hai Van Pass.

Lang Co Bay - Vietnam Vacation Travel

From the majestic summit of the pass, behold the magnificent panorama of Lang Co Bay, with its crescent-shaped shoreline, scallop-covered clouds, and a picturesque fishing village nestled on the turquoise beach. You may even catch a glimpse of the occasional train as it winds its way through the bay, offering a nostalgic reminder of an old-world scene in a movie.

Trekking And Discover Bach Ma National Park

Lang Co Bay - Vietnam Vacation Travel

Bach Ma National Park is a great destination for trekking enthusiasts. It is located 30 km from Lang Co and has a hilly terrain with a peak of 1,450 meters. You can choose between a 2-3 day trek or a combo of trekking and a 6-7 hour car ride. Do not miss the views at Hai Vong Dai, Do Quyen Waterfall, and Ngu Ho (literally means five lakes). If you want to have a night camp here, you can choose to stay outside the park gate or in an old French villa on the way to the top, or camp inside the park.

Not only these famous destinations here, you can take a look at Son Cha Island, Thac Do Stream in Hoi Dua Village, or go straight up to Hue City to visit the Complex of Hue Monuments.


After all, Vietnam Vacation Travel & Transport has brought you brief information about a freaking great destination in Vietnam. Will it be enough to inspire you to have a journey straight to Lang Co Bay? We truly want to figure it out.