Temple Of Literature Hue- Nguyen Dynasty Confucianism Imprint



Over the centuries, many places were built to commemorate talented people because of their sacrifice to build and develop the country, especially the temples of literature. The most well-known temple of literature in Vietnam is not only in Hanoi but also in Hue.


The Temple Of Literature Hue has unique architecture, historical significance, and precious stories about the studious spirit of scholars and sages under the Nguyen Dynasty for more than 200 years. In this case, you can not miss this attraction if you have a chance to visit Hue. Let’s explore the Temple Of Literature Hue with Vietnam Vacation Travel.

Temple Of Literature Hue Location

Temple Of Literature Hue was also called various names such as Van Mieu Hue, Van Thanh Mieu Hue, Tien Su Mieu, etc. This architecture was built to honor Confucius, which has intense importance towards sages. The Temple of Literature Hue lies on a low hill overlooking the poetic Perfume River. In the back of the temple, you can admire breathtaking views of the village as well as overlapping mountains.

It is located at 72 Van Thanh Street, Huong Ho Commune, Huong Tra District, Thua Thien Hue Province. The distance from the center of Hue City to visit there is around 7 km, which takes about 13 minutes by car.

How To Get To The Temple Of Literature?

Nowadays, there is an increasing trend for tourists to get to the temple of literature Hue by motorbikes, bikes, private cars, etc. This is because it is convenient for visitors to admire the picturesque space while coming to this place.

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Entrance Fee And Opening Hour

The Temple of Literature Hue ticket is free, which means visitors can spend all day participating in various exciting activities such as admiring ancient architecture, immersing the pride of sages and scholars’ stories, taking impressive photos to capture precious moments, and so on.

Moreover, you can refer to the Hue Entrance Fee In 2023 to choose suitable other destinations while traveling in Hue.

Temple Of Literature Hue History

This temple reflected the ups and downs in Confucianism during the Nguyen Dynasty. At that time, Confucianism played a significant role by maintaining order in society and protecting some interests of the dynasty. Hence, many structures were built that expressed the incisive impacts of Confucianism during the flourishing phase.

Moreover, the Temple Of Literature Hue often has been repaired and moved to other places. Typically, it was built in Trieu Son village during the Nguyen Dynasty’s expanded land to the south. In 1770, this temple relocated to Long Ho village, known as a temple of South territory.


Finally, when the Nguyen emperor stabilized the country, the Temple of Literature was officially established on Van Thanh Street until now. This temple was a worship place for Confucius as well as many sages, who made great contributions to building and developing Confucianism. Until 1947, the temple was seriously devastated and not restored due to the invasion of French colonists.

After 1975, the local government began to reconstruct and restore architecture. Therefore, this temple of literature has become one of the must-see sites because of its mysterious, pristine beauty and historical significance when traveling in Hue.

What To See In This Temple Of Literature Hue

Stele Of Doctors On Turtle’s Back


During the Minh Mang emperor, there were 32 steles of doctors building in the temple of Literature Hue, which carved the name and hometown of 293 doctors. It was built on the back of tortoises, symbolizing the everlasting of sages.

These steles have meticulous floral motifs and ancient writing that reflect the Confucian value of feudal stages. At the end of turtle stone steles are two important steles written by Minh Mang and Thieu Tri King.

temple of literature hue - vietnam vacation travel

Linh Tinh Mon Gate


Tinh Linh Gate overlooks the Perfume River, which is the paramount gate of Van Thanh. In this case, visitors can admire the sophisticated and meticulous design. This gate consists of 4 pillars made of bricks, decorated with painted enamels and a large sign with the words “Dao Tai Luong Gian” on the front side and “Trac Viet Thien Co” on the backside.

Dai Thanh Mon Gate


This typical structure also maintains the ancient architecture of Hue Imperial City. Dai Thanh Mon Gate was a monumental structure that expressed the masterliness of the builders. Though over many high and low periods, this gate still stands in this place as nothing can change it.

Looking inside the Dai Thanh Mon gate, visitors will see the Dai Thanh Dien, which worships Confucius at 32 meters in height and 25 meters in width. Additionally, this temple was built according to “one floor double roofs” architecture.

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Best Time To Visit

There are two primary seasons in Hue, including dry and rainy seasons. Therefore, you can choose any time to visit depending on your preference as well as convenience.

In particular, we highly recommend that you have an enjoyable journey in the dry season from March to August. So, you can have an adventure in a milder temperature to transfer comfortably and admire impressive structures in the fresh air. However, you can travel on rainy days to immerse in the romance of Hue City while doing some sightseeing in ancient architecture.


Attractions Near The Temple Of Literature Hue

Green Life Farm

The Green Life Farm is located at 74 Van Thanh Street, which is approximately 100 meters from the temple of Literature Hue. At this site, you can immerse in the peacefulness and poetry of hundreds of colorful flowers, such as sunflowers and cosmos, especially taking various impressive photos.


Thien Mu Pagoda

When you have an opportunity to travel to Dreamy Hue country, you can refer to the Hue Buddhist Tour via Vietnam Vacation Travel. In this case, travelers will admire sacred and peaceful pagodas, especially Thien Mu Pagoda. It will give you stunning views, exciting legends, and the historical value of the pagoda.


Travel Tips

There are some notes that visitors should pay attention to while traveling on this site, such as:

  • Do not write or draw on the steles to avoid having negative effects on the historical and aesthetic value of architecture.
  • Do not leave behind any rubbish.  
  • Remember to bring sunscreen, hats, and bottled water in the summer.
  • Remember to choose appropriate dress to respect the religious site.
  • We highly recommend that visitors travel to other famous destinations in Hue because it will not take too long to discover the Temple of Literature.



Coming to the Temple of Literature Hue, visitors will not only be immersed in a peaceful space but also admire the precious history of the monument, which prides Hue residents. Vietnam Vacation Travel hopes this article is sufficient for tourists to have an unforgettable journey on this site.