Dong Dinh Museum – Da Nang Garden Of Memories

Dong Dinh Museum-Vietnam Vacation Travel


In the journey to discover the Son Tra peninsula, Dong Dinh Museum is a place you cannot ignore. It is also called ” The Garden of Memories” that will bring many exciting things for you.

Dong Dinh Museum-Vietnam Vacation Travel

Dong Dinh Art Museum is nestled under the endless green Son Tra forest and has become a favorite place of many tourists in their Da Nang itinerary. When coming here, you will feel like date back to the vivid memory of ancient Vietnamese Culture.

Dong Dinh Museum-Vietnam Vacation Travel

Let Vietnam Vacation Travel provide you with more information about this remarkable Danang museum!

Dong Dinh Art Museum’s Location

Dong Dinh Museum Da Nang is located in But Stream, Hoang Sa Street, Tho Quang Ward, Son Tra district. It is located on the left side of the road to Linh Ung Pagoda and has an area of ​​10,000 m2. The distance from the city center to the museum is about 13 km, so it takes about 30 minutes to get there.

The museum is only about 200m from the Lady Buddha statue and is covered by majestic nature, so you can combine visiting the museum with Linh Ung Bai But Pagoda.

How To Get To Dong Dinh Museum?

From Dragon Bridge, you go to Vo Van Kiet Street and then turn left onto Vo Nguyen Giap Street. Then, go straight along the sea route and meet the connecting Hoang Sa road. 

After arriving at Le Van Luong and Hoang Sa junction, turn right onto Hoang Sa Street. Then, continue to go through Green Lake for a section, and you will see a sign to enter the museum.

Da Nang to Monkey Mountain-Vietnam Vacation Travel
Linh Ung Bai But pagoda along the road to the Dong Dinh museum

It is quite easy to go from the center to Dong Dinh Museum since it is mainly an asphalt road. Therefore, you can choose from many different means of transportation.

If you want to save money as well as be proactive, you should rent a motorbike. Conversely, if traveling with 5 people or more, or with adults or children, taking a private car is still the most convenient.

Dong Dinh Museum Da Nang-Vietnam Vacation Travel

You can refer to our private car transfer service from Da Nang or Hoi An to explore the pure and wild beauty of Son Tra Mountain such as

Most importantly, it is not only a private car transfer but also a sightseeing tour.

What Makes The Dong Dinh Museum Unique?

Unlike other museums in Da Nang, Dong Dinh Museum has a harmonious architecture between natural ecological space and traditional Vietnamese architecture.

Dong Dinh Museum-Vietnam Vacation Travel

This place is more like a garden because it is built according to the criteria of non-invasive nature. Therefore, the road to the museum is quite winding and precarious.

Da Nang garden of memory-Vietnam Vacation Travel

In particular, inside the museum, there is a small lake with koi carp, and a stone block to prevent the flow to create a very lively sound. Importantly, the Dong Dinh Museum reproduces ancient values ​​and contemporary art culture.

Dong Dinh Da Nang museum-Vietnam Vacation Travel
A cafe in the museum

Moreover, when entering the museum, you will first feel the green and peaceful space, close to the mountain and forest. Therefore, the museum is also given a very poetic name, “The Garden of Memory”. Coming here, visitors will feel an ancient feature, with many memories fully preserved.

Da Nang garden of memory-Vietnam Vacation Travel
The beauty of nature in Dong Dinh Museum’s campus

That memory is the image of the Dung Dinh tree – a tree of the areca family. They grow mainly in the Son Tra conservation area. And the owner of this museum took that name for this place.

Entrance Fee & Opening Hours

According to the latest information from the museum management board: the ticket price to visit the Dong Museum is 150,000 VND/person/time. This price is aimed at the convenience and quality of service for visitors.

Dong Dinh Art Museum-Vietnam Vacation Travel

Specifically, this price includes

  • Entrance fee ticket.
  • One drink is free to choose from and served by the cafe at the museum campus.
  • Children under 12 years old are free of charge and do not include water.

Opening hours are from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm all days.

Ideal Time To Visit Dong Dinh Art Museum

The best time to visit Dong Dinh Museum is during the spring and autumn seasons when the weather is mild and pleasant. These seasons offer optimal conditions for strolling through the museum’s outdoor spaces and enjoying the serene surroundings.

Đồng Đình Museum-Vietnam Vacation Travel
The beautiful peach flowers bloom in the Spring season at the museum.

You should visit during weekdays to avoid crowds and have a more intimate experience with the museum. However, regardless of the time of year, Dong Dinh Art Museum never fails to inspire and educate visitors about Vietnamese culture.

What To Explore At Dong Dinh Museum?

Antiquities Display Area

The antiquities display area at Dong Dinh Museum includes two Ruong houses. These houses designed in the ancient style with the architectural style of Kim Bong Carpentry Village in Hoi An.

Dong Dinh Museum-Vietnam Vacation Travel

There are many precious antique artifacts on display, dating from 100 to 2500 years old. Along with that are collections of unique cultural value and ancient artifacts of 54 ethnic groups throughout Vietnam that are still left.

Dong Dinh Art Museum-Vietnam Vacation Travel

Among them, the most prominent are the antiquities of Sa Huynh culture. That is a willow leaf earring, an anklet made of stone first found in Vietnam.

The garden of memory Da Nang-Vietnam Vacation Travel

There is also the Champa culture with a collection of ancient pottery found in Tra Kieu, Quang Nam. Besides, there are ancient ceramic artifacts of Dai Viet from the Ly, Tran, Le So, Le Mac, and Nguyen dynasties.

Dong Dinh Danang-Vietnam Vacation Travel

Art Exhibition Area

Contrary to other houses, the art exhibition house of Dong Dinh Museum is created in a more modern manner while maintaining a tight connection to nature and without losing sight of the primeval forest. There are many fine artworks by painter Dinh Y Nhi on display here. Her paintings are painted with gouache, using black and white as the main colors.

Dong Dinh Art Museum-Vietnam Vacation Travel

Besides, the color paintings combined with the mask of painter Dang Viet Trieu create a harmony between painting and sculpture. The content of the paintings is all about people, nature, war, and so on. However, he painted all in an abstract way that stimulates the curiosity of visitors.

Dong Dinh Art Museum-Vietnam Vacation Travel

Memory Of Fishing Village Area

The most prominent area of Dong Dinh Museum is probably the memory room. Here, vividly recreate the customs and lifestyle of the ancient Cham people from 1908-1910.

This house is unique in that it was built from two wooden boats, three bamboo boats, and five antique baskets from Nam Tho village.

Da Nang garden of memory-Vietnam Vacation Travel

Besides, the house is decorated with many items related to an ancient fishing village. For example, fish sauce jars hanging on the rig, pieces of net, fishing tools, etc. All reminiscent of an idyllic fisherman’s life in the past.

Ethnographic Gallery

Dong Dinh Art Museum-Vietnam Vacation Travel
The memory of forest life

Another prominent of Dong Dinh Museum is the display house of artifacts recreating the daily life and spiritual life of ethnic minorities in the Central and Central Highlands. These are all daily items such as wooden masks, rattan baskets, jars, jars, and so on.

Danang garden of memory-Vietnam Vacation Travel

Besides, visitors will learn about the childhood memories of the owner of Dong Dinh Museum through the old trophies kept. It is known that to get this collection, Meritorious Artist Huy Giao (also the museum’s owner) had to go along the villages of the Central Highlands to find it.

Dong Dinh garden of memory-Vietnam Vacation Travel

Enjoy Drinks At Cafe Du Musee

By visiting Dong Dinh Museum, it is impossible not to enjoy the aroma of coffee at the Cafe Du Musee. In addition, you can also drink a delicious cup of tea or other drinks. You can both talk about everything in life and enjoy the fresh atmosphere that captivates your heart.

Dong Dinh garden of memory-Vietnam Vacation Travel

Enjoying drinks and eating cakes in the vast space, admiring the sea, and watching flowers like this are probably unmatched. This will definitely be a fabulous experience for you.

The garden of memory-Vietnam Vacation Travel

Take Photos With Vietnamese Traditional Clothes

Wearing traditional clothes is one of the hobbies that Vietnamese young people today are aiming for. Nhat Binh is an ancient dress with luxurious beauty and nobility for empresses, princesses, and aristocratic women to wear when they marry.

Vietnam Traditional clothes-Vietnam Vacation Travel
The Nhat Binh clothes – one of the traditional costumes of Vietnam

Wearing Nhat Binh clothes, walking under the nostalgic eaves of the Museum. You seem to be reborn in the context of a few hundred years ago. It’s great, isn’t it?


All in all, Dong Dinh Museum is not only a place to store ancient artifacts of high cultural value, but also a place for you to refresh your soul and find a peaceful place of memory. Hence, if you plan to explore Da Nang, do not miss this interesting place.

Dong Dinh Art Museum-Vietnam Vacation Travel

Dong Dinh Art Museum in Da Nang is a cultural haven that offers a captivating journey through Vietnamese history and art. With its unique structure and various captivating artifacts, the museum will bring enriching and memorable experiences for you.

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