Five Lakes Trail – Bach Ma National Park

Five Lakes Trail - Vietnam Vacation Travel

Introduction To Five Lakes Trail In Bach Ma National Park

Bach Ma National Park is a wonderful destination for those who enjoy exploring the natural environment. This area is home to not just primeval forests, but also attractions like Five Lakes, Do Quyen Waterfall, Truc Lam Zen Monastery, etc. Today, Vietnam Vacation Travel will introduce a deeper to readers of the Five Lakes Trail.

Five Lakes Trail - Bach Ma National Park - Vietnam Vacation Travel

The Five Lakes Trail is an exciting trail deep in the forest of Bach Ma National Park. The trail is 1.5 kilometers long and will take you about 30 minutes to finish. Along the road, tourists will experience a variety of vivid scenes. Please join us to learn more about this interesting tour.

Where Is The Five Lakes Trail?

Five Lakes is located within Bach Ma National Park in 2 districts Nam Dong and Phu Loc, Thua Thien Hue province. This location is around 40km from Hue City Centre and 80km from Danang. Thanks to this convenient location, visitors can easily come here to visit with our private car service.

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Bach Ma National Park tourist area has a large region, to be able to move easily, you should follow our map below.

Five Lakes Trail - Bach Ma National Park - Vietnam Vacation Travel

In addition, you will see images of large printed maps to tourists can follow immediately from the ticket office. To be sure, you should take a photo of the map to easily track your travel route.

However, you don’t need to worry about getting lost because the Management has set up several road signs in the forest. Don’t worry if you get lost; there are always rescuers ready to help you.

How To Get To The Five Lakes

From Hue City Center, take Highway 1A South to Phu Loc District. After that, at Phuoc Tuong Tunnel, you turn a right onto the small road in front of the tunnel entrance. Then you go around 3 kilometers to the gate of Bach Ma National Park. To go to Ngu Ho, tourists must purchase an entrance ticket for 65,000 VND for adults and 25,000 VND for the elderly and children.

However, when using our service, travelers can easily go to Bach Ma National Park’s Five Lakes Trail site. Not only that, but we can tailor the itinerary of other tours if you want to visit this location.

Exploring The Natural Beauty Of The Five Lakes

According to the signboard, tourists must go approximately 3 kilometers from Hai Vong Dai to reach the Five Lakes Trail. Come here, you can see the stunning but equally wild scenery of 5 natural lakes.

Firstly, Lake No. 1 is around a few dozen meters long, with layers of boulders heaped on top of each other and bent due to the impact of water flow. Besides, visitors can see the bottom of the lake since the water is clean blue. Furthermore, this location has the lowest water temperature of the Five Lakes in Bach Ma.

Five Lakes Trail - Bach Ma National Park - Vietnam Vacation Travel

Following the rope ladder up about 12m, you will reach Lake No. 2. Smaller than the previous lake, it is only a few meters broad but has an attractive shape with curves winding along the water. In the creeks, visitors can easily find smooth and polished rocks due to the impact of water flow over the years.

Five Lakes Trail - Vietnam Vacation Travel

Next, at Lake No. 3, you will see water from the stream pouring into the lake like a funnel with a wide top and gradually narrowing. Large boulders with fascinating shapes dot the lake area, adding to its liveliness. We will stroll along these rocks to Lake No. 4. You should be careful when moving because the rocks here are very slippery.

Five Lakes Trail - Bach Ma National Park - Vietnam Vacation Travel

Lake No. 4 of the Five Lakes has an oval shape. Water pours down from above and through the rocks, resulting in numerous little streams. It creates a unique feature of Lake No. 4. However, these are still inferior to the beautiful Lake No. 5.

Five Lakes Trail - Vietnam Vacation Travel

Finally, Lake No. 5 area is regarded as a natural marvel with a clever combination of water, trees, and rocks. The image of the lake is likened to a pointed trumpet. The entire Five Lakes is a natural gift to Bach Ma National Park, with a cascade cascading down stone steps, creating a stunning and uncommon landscape.

Five Lakes Trail-Bach Ma National Park - Vietnam Vacation Travel

Other Beautiful Attractions Near The Five Lakes Trail

Do Quyen Waterfall

In addition to the Five Lakes, you may visit the stunning Do Quyen waterfall along the trip. The waterfall is 300m high and flows all year, creating an amazing masterpiece that tourists should not miss. From Five Lakes Trail, you must walk a little further to reach the top of the waterfall. Standing here, you may observe the spectacular Bach Ma.

Five Lakes Trail In Bach Ma National Park - Vietnam Vacation Travel

Do Quyen waterfall is named after the gorgeous and vivid Rhododendron flower bushes that flourish on both sides of it. When humans discovered this waterfall, they named it after the Vietnamese name for the flower.

Five Lakes Trail - Bach Ma National Park - Vietnam Vacation Travel

Hai Vong Dai Peak

Hai Vong Dai is a well-known tourist site in Hue, located within Bach Ma National Park. This is a sea-viewing platform established on top of a mountain. Furthermore, guests can enjoy the breathtaking scenery of Hue’s beautiful mountains, rivers, and lagoons when coming here.

Five Lakes Trail - Bach Ma - Vietnam Vacation Travel

Standing at Vong Hai Dai, we feel the quiet mountain and forest space, the scenery hidden among the floating clouds. Not only that, but the sea breeze blowing brings freshness to you after the tiring climbing journey. This area is regarded as Kinh Do Hue’s fairyland.

Truc Lam Bach Ma Zen Monastery

Coming to Truc Lam Zen Monastery, visitors will stroll and admire works of Buddhist architecture. The monastery was built within Bach Ma National Park, so tourists will frequently encounter squirrels flying and jumping on the temple grounds.

Five Lakes Trail In Bach Ma - Vietnam Vacation Travel

The monastery is surrounded by huge mountain and woodland space, lush trees all year round, and gardens meticulously maintained by temple monks. All of this has created a peaceful and relaxing space for visitors when coming here to visit. Moreover, many tourists choose to return to this place to heal their suffering souls and escape the city’s noise. 

Good-To-Know Travel Tips

  • You should wear comfortable and tidy clothes to make moving around in the forest easier.
  • We recommend leaving early to explore many interesting areas beyond the Five Lakes Trail.
  • Next, this trip is ideal for persons in good health who enjoy adventure.
  • You should prepare a bathing suit so that you can use it when you visit the lake area where bathing is allowed.
  • In addition, if you want to visit Truc Lam Zen Monastery, you must ensure that you dress politely because you will not be allowed to enter the temple wearing short pants.
  • To avoid getting lost in the forest, tourists should walk in groups and observe signs.


In short, Five Lakes Trail is a wonderful attraction that visitors should not miss when traveling to Bach Ma National Park. Hopefully, the extensive information about the Five Lakes Trail provided by Vietnam Vacation Travel is helpful to you. We hope you have an enjoyable visit to Five Lakes Trail.